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Fight Challenge

TRUMP Invest in Terrorist Nations:

But Tells Naïve  American Voters He Will Ban Filipino Immigration&Puts The Philippines On His Terrorist Nations Watch List While Funding The Same Terrorist Nations.Sparks Pinoy PrideBoycott.

The American Press Service T.A.P.S.

Duterte and Trump Rappler pic 1Hypocrite, US Republican Presidential Candidate, serial-bankruptcy entrepreneur and alleged scam artist Donald J. Trump has now moved from Mexico, to blacks, women, and has now offended the Filipino people so much, that the new Philippines President Duterte aka “The Punisher” challenges the businessman to a street fight either in Manila or in Las Vegas.

“I will not take any insult on my Filipino people sitting down.  Let’s settle this once and for all, extra-judicially…if you [Donald Trump] are too scared to come to Manila, I can come meet you in Las Vegas, at the Trump Towers or at the MGM Grand Arena.”

–PH President Duterte(picture

While The Donald works with The Antonio’s and their Century Properties to erect the Trump Tower Manila, he stabs the Antonio’s, the Filipino people and his own venture in the back to criticize them as “…animals…” and a potential terrorists nation due to their Muslim heritage.  Trump goes further to threaten to ban Filipinos –and others- from entering the US.  (see

The initial insult came when Trump began lumping one of the world’s most hospitable-cultures and most-beautiful locales -the Philippine Islands- with-true-rivals of the US: Afghanistan, Iraq, Morocco, Pakistan, Somalia, Syria, Uzbekistan and Yemen.

Donald Trump makes an ignorant and racist blanket statement about one of The United States most-admired countries.  With nearly 4 million mostly-voting status Filipino residents, off-spring, and spouses in the United States, Trump has just cut-out millions of potential voters.

In addition, more than 500,000 Americans live in the Philippines (many safely in the regions Trump is talking about as well) and are absentee ballot voters and/or connected to their largely multi-racial families back home.

Much like black Americans, Filipinos are a unified people who rival together for a cause or when they feel –or actually are- threatened.

The world saw the ‘Pinoy People Power’ with the landslide election of President Duterte –who though not Muslim himself, is from the ‘Muslim-centric’ area of the Philippines Trump is actually (unknowingly)criticizing.

 Pressured, the US Publishers (KA&CO America LLC of The Philippines Magazine International published a notice to stakeholders, expressing that they would not be showcasing Trump Tower Manila, nor would they ever produce the controversial Ivanka Trump Cover they pitched to Century Properties some time ago.

 This blow is just the ammunition US Democrats needed to seal the coffin of Donald Trump’s political campaign as the world can now see and feel his racism and fear mongering as pure-hatred fueled by his ignorance and inappropriate nature.Now that blacks, Filipinos and other minorities are gaining their due success and global recognition, people like Donald Trump are fighting for things to be the way they were.

“This is ridiculous and I apologize to our Filipino friends, family and fans.  Just as with Christians (America’s dominate religion), Muslims are black, white, Asian and from the Middle East the like.  Banning a race and nation of people, based from fears of some members of a minority religion is insane.  We cannot support a man, a family nor a brand which so blatantly hates us.  I will be first in-line for my ticket to Duterte vs. Trump.”

-Kareem Jackson, Principle KA&CO



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