The American Press | America’s Top 10 Micro-Investor Industries & Trends in the Philippines -the American’s see.

The American Press |  America’s Top 10 Micro-Investor Industries & Trends in the Philippines the American’s see.

The US Executive Publisher of The Philippines Magazine International. The #1 True-Philippines Lifestyle Magazine Series for American’s looking to travel to, live and invest in the Philippines new booming economy, Kareem Antonio-Jackson will be in Manila to discuss ‘micro-investments for the masses’ in the Philippines. The American, award-winning, publisher, futurist, coach and serial-entrepreneur will offer insights from his new Welcome Edition of PH MAG: THE MONEY ISSUE $500 Billion At 500. In that in-depth study, Kareem went undercover to find the best micro-investments, interviewed hundreds of investor-expats and his finding will surprise you.

In the feature, Jackson predicts that in less than 10-years, the Philippines will experience an economic renaissance and return to greatness. He also predicts, when the Philippines turns 500 years old, (March 16, 2021) that Filipinos will reach over $500 Billion in revenues and market value.  
The futurist prediction is based from decades of booms and trends; reached as millions -and millions- of new jobs, ventures and markets flood the new booming Philippine economy.  The ‘Power of 50-Times Earnings’ along with the charming Philippine-lifestyle, bundled retirement values and inherent non-discrimination culture are catalysts in this PH renaissance.
They will talk about the futures of:
  1. Tax Prepares & CPA’s
  2. Business Development Consultants & Educators
  3. Micro-Investors & Emerging Opportunities
  4. Law Firms
  5. Domestic Staffing & Services
  6. Real Estate
  7. Headhunters & Employment Services
  8. Marketing Firms
  9. Advertising
  10. Livery, Drivers & Limousine Services
Kareem, is on his nearly 100th Publisher’s Tour in the Philippines, he has published more than 6 magazines, dozens of shows and interactive-events -all promoting the true-Philippines lifestyle. He will be in Manila ramping-up for the 3rd Annual Empower 2 Play American Football Camp ( where he, along with Coach AK Ikwuakor, Coach Joel Tiongson, with the US Embassy Club and nearly 100 international volunteers will host over 300 children, and serve more than 2,500 meals in 48-hours.  
This year is special; they will also debut their new Achieve Success Philanthropists & Student Special Edition Magazine, as well as, kick-off the Achieve Success Speaking & Coaching Series.
The Philippines is the world’s fastest-growing Mega economy and the world’s Top Outsourcer. America is the Philippines #1 global investor, with over 500,000 American residents, the world’s largest US Embassy….and, a new millionaire is born everyday in the Philippines -or they arrive at the Aquino International Airport in Pasay City.
So, on the show, with hosts Bart Abaya and Dave Aguila, you will get American-investor insights into one question:
“Why do many Pinoy’s leave the Philippines searching for opportunity?”
Presented by: The INVEST & ENJOY Show 1530 RADIO
“The Philippines Money-Talk Show where you’ll become rich and be entertained at the same time!”
“Enjoy & Invest…Ang show kung saan mag-enjoy ka na, yayaman ka pa!”
with KAREEM Antonio-Jackson
July 04, 2015
8PM to 9:30PM on The Enjoy & Invest Show
with Bart Abaya & Dave Aguila
DZME 1530
For Bookings, you may inquire at : and visit or
Kareem’s magazines are distributed internationally for free, and available in-print, on-line and digital formats by  Kareem offers an optimistic view of the Philippines real-lifestyle, business and micro-investing.  He also offers insights and tips at:  (


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