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The American Press | Attention Foreigners in the Philippines: ASK Philippines has a new face.

The American Press |  Attention Foreigners in the Philippines:  ASK Philippines has a new face. launches it’s Philippines focus section August 1, 2015.  However, they have more than 300 questions from fans around the world, already backlogged.

Want Advice, Insights and Recommendations regarding the Philippines?  New global ‘information service’ kicks-off just in time for The 2015 Philippines Philanthropy Tourism Season.

Kareem Antonio-Jackson becomes the face of ASK Philippines.  The new ASK Kareem video series, and information service will now specialize in questions from fans and tourists seeking information about the Philippines lifestyle, philanthropy, foreign-tourism, safety, education and micro-investments.

Kareem is the US Executive Publisher of The Philippines Magazine International Lifestyle Series and host of PH INK Masters.  He has been working with celebrities, investors, and the public; giving his lifestyle and futurist-insights to readers and viewers for years now.  Most-popular in the Philippines for his real-life undercover immersion tours in the Philippines, in-which he undergoes gathering content for The Philippines Magazine Internationals editorial teams.
His most-controversial features are “A Happy-Life in the Philippines For Under $500 A Month”, “Top 10-Micro Investments in the Philippines for American’s”, “Be Humble. Stay Humble.”, “The Charmed Life: The Power of 50-Times Earnings”, “Outsourcing Success: Philippines”, “Philippines INK” and “The Minority Success Report: Philippines” all of which he is known to take year-long immersion-sabbaticals, living life as a Filipino -from province, to shanty, to Shangri La- all in an optimistic-effort to get the true-lifestyle data and the scoop on the world’s fastest-emerging economy.
US E2P Student Ambassadors and Board Members, asked Kareem about the ‘area’ where the 2015 Camp AK is hosted; he does more then send mere pictures and descriptions.  See the clip here:  Be Humble. Stay Humble.  (
In his magazines, shows, appearances and vlogs, Kareem shares his findings with fans so that they too may achieve expat lifestyle freedom.  Kareem is also one of the only lifestyle publisher’s -ever- endorsed personally and showcased by the owners of; America and Asia’s #1 digital newsstand; with over 20 million subscribers.  However, he is the only private US publisher endorsed by promoting Philippines-lifestyle and investments.
In addition, Kareem is an award-winning entrepreneur, former radio show host, writer, publisher, event host, as well as a US Government Resolution recipient for “…his contributions to minority America.’

Following his groups successful Philippines lifestyle magazine launches, Tattoo & Artists Tourism competitions and events, and the upcoming Philippines Philanthropy Tourism Season promotions with Empower 2 Play and Camp AK: Philippines, Kareem will now be the face and the voice for the new ASK Philippines PR Campaign.  His charming demeanor and optimistic view of the Philippines is refreshing and gives a new, positive and eye-opening perspective of the country.
Specifically, a unique, minority-American perspective; which is rare in the tourism and investor markets -but, is highly-respected, sought-after and informative.   Due to his uncanny ability to see the opportunities and gain rare-access, Kareem possesses many exclusive-interviews, inside-stories and fresh trends.
As more and more Americans (and other expats) focus their scopes on the Philippine-market and subsequent lifestyles, true-Philippines, real-lifestyle perspectives, data and advice are vital to decision-maker’s abroad.
International-investors and lifestyle-seekers make more than 1 million Google searches -per a day, and (About 55,300,000 results ) this month alone, according to Google Stats surrounding ‘Philippines lifestyle’ and ‘ Philippines investment’ opportunities.  Anything from retirement and early-retirement, to businesses, professional and personal relationships, marriage and cost of living and doing business with in or with the country.  
Inspired by the Philippines President NoyNoy Aquino, with his ‘personal invitation’ speech in New York City, urging US-publishers, writers and media to aid in the positive promotion of the Philippines following his election in 2011.  After a warm welcome, by then Tourism Sec. Lim, where his office greeted Kareem at the Aquino International Airport, with gifts and his first tour.
Since then, Kareem and his affiliates, such as The Tiongson Group, Empower 2 Play and Team Arroyo, have produced and published more than 20 publications, tours and websites promoting the Philippines.  Over the past few years, he has been seen in over 100 videos, shows, print features and events as a spokesman and cheerleader for the countries booming new economy.  He is the first black American media personality to endorse to country, seek positive and empowering messages in its promotion.  Kareem, having interviewed former US Ambassador Harry Thomas and hundreds of US and other foreign diplomats, nationals and investors has a completely unbiased and broad view of the true-opportunities and risks which lie in the country.
We look forward to seeing more positive things from Kareem; and we look forward to learning more about the Philippines.
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