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After the controversial and highly-anticipated meeting between US President Obama and new PH President Duterte at ASEAN; followed by Duterte’s’ ongoing yet, seemingly-successful war against the drugs and corruption which plagued his country, formally announced yesterday while in China the resignation from the United States.

Though the mainstream media portrays the Duterte paradigm differently, it is ‘good news’ that the President was speaking of.

President Duterte, in his signature, more-direct and colorful communication style, expressed that The Philippines has worked hard, prospered, emerged from the ashes like a Phoenix, and is now able to stand-alone without the aid of the United States of America and its Western affiliates.
His strong-handed abolishment of corruption and ushering out of drugs, has gained President Duterte huge popularity with the people of the Philippines, as well as, re-gain massive financial-rewards for the country at-large as monies; estimated trillions of pesos annually, now will no longer be funneling to the pockets of corrupt politicians, families and officials.

The newly allocated money and resources can/and will now be used to lift-up the Filipino people, the country and be invested into Philippines’ social programs, higher-education, infrastructure, military and other key components of society –ultimately making the country more positioned in the 2nd world.

For millions and millions of American
working-class citizens, tax payers and the US-based corporations which employ them, this is great news in time for the 2016 Holiday Season.

Happening just-in-time for the current US Presidential Final Debate and coming Election, in which discrimination, immigration, domestic jobs, opportunities, ‘foreign’ aid and investment, outsourcing and taxes are at the forefront of both the Clinton and Trump Campaigns.

Donald Trump, who employs hundreds –and has frequently married- immigrants, outsources his products, makes major-investments, has a Trump Tower in Manila and buys building materials from China; however has claimed billions of dollars in depreciation/losses in the US and has allegedly avoided ever paying US Federal Taxes.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, (as well as Presidents Obama and Bush) has spent/allocated trillions of dollars to foreign social and military aid annually, and has thousands of military troops and personal stationed abroad –including around 1,000 active US troops in the Philippines according to T.A.P.S. Sources there.

A recent agreement between the United States and the Philippines had made way, to ramp up the military deployment and subsequent expense in the Philippines in reaction to their Philippine/China territory disputes.

However, now, seemingly rectified by President Duterte, China, the Philippines and Russia have synergized and developed alliances. Leaving the following five military bases, and the additional troops and personnel slatted to report there in limbo until after the holiday and into 2017 following America’s new Presidential Decision in November 2016.

Antonio Bautista Air Base. Located near the capital of the island province of Palawan, which is strategically located near the contested Spratly Islands in the South China Sea.
Basa Air Base. Located about 40 miles northwest of the Philippines’ capital, Manila, the air base was originally constructed by the U.S. Army Air Corps before the Second World War.

Fort Magsaysay. Located on the northern Island of Luzon, Fort Magsaysay is the largest military installation in the Philippines, and is one of the primary training areas of the Philippine Army.
Lumbia Air Base. Located on the southern island of Mindanao, the air base is connected to a civilian airport. Local media reports say construction of a new U.S. facility will begin soon.

Mactan-Benito Ebuen Air Base. Located on Mactan Island of the coast of Cebu in the central Philippines. It was originally built by the U.S. Air Force before the American pullout in the early 1990s.

The United States has subsidized the Philippines economy for decades; not including the costly re-developments post Spanish-American and Japanese-American Wars.

Now, the Philippines is the world’s largest English-speaking country (outside West), the fastest-growing Mega economy and had beat-out India for the call center and BPO industry years ago. A massive industry representing millions and millions of jobs which left America, to Mexico, then India and now have landed in the Philippine Islands, now –potentially- returning back home to America.

The United States is the Philippines largest investor and largest financial aid ally.

Currently, investing in Philippines Real Estate, Philanthropy, Child Survival and Health, Department of Defense Security Assistance, Development Assistance, Economic Support Fund/Security Support Assistance, Global Health and Child Survival, Millennium Challenge Corporation, Narcotics Control, Entrepreneurship, Nonproliferation, Anti-Terrorism, Demining and Related, Active Grant Programs, Other Food Aid Programs, State Assistance, Red Cross, USAID Assistance, Peace Corps, Military Assistance and Natural Disaster Assistance, US OFW remittances and The ASEAN Treaty.

Icons such as Facebook Inc. Founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg invested billions of dollars essentially turning the entire Philippines’ country into a ‘Facebook For Free Zone’ with the (Aquino III Administrations’) Connectivity Declaration.

Billionaire Bill Gates with (1) one transaction; previously reported by T.A.P.S., allegedly invested more than $20 Billion in Philippines real estate, agriculture and business recently during a trip to the country.

Already beginning, American PH-residents and investors have already expressed to T.A.P.S. that they will beginning liquidating, selling real estate and in-sourcing their currently outsourced operations. Filipinos, in the Philippines have flooded the US Embassy with protests, as well as, US Visa inquiries in anticipation of a US Visa freeze while the new US Presidential Administrations address PH/US relations.

The United States economy will begin to see and feel the benefits of the separation from the Philippines immediately; adding to the US job creation and GNP of the Obama Administration, giving Hillary Clinton added ammunition during the 2016 elections.

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