PHILIPPINES PASSION PAYS-OFF| Jet Fuel Tattoo Taps Foreign Collector Market

Cebu Native and PH INK Master Finalist Tattoo Artist Jetz Scarlett risk-it-all, goes independent, follows his passion and gets international recognition and global inspiration from US and Australia-based tattoo lovers.

When we take that ‘leap of faith’ and pursue our passions, the fear of failure is a powerful thing.  The mounting, intrusive-thoughts which enter our minds can be devastating.  The difference between ‘a passion’ and ‘a job’ is that ‘passion’ drives you even when you do not make money doing it –yet.  A ‘job’ is a means-to-an-end –or more commonly known as a pay check.

However, for savvy entrepreneurs, the massive opportunities of success –especially when in pursuit of a passion project- is greater than their fears of failures.  Plural.

“What’s the worst that could happen? I just go back to the status quo…”is the Mantra of most aspiring entrepreneurs.

The fact, is most people, businesses and ventures fail –or never are started at all- due to the inherent fear that comes hand-and-hand with ambition.

Most skeptical and volatile of all is the path of artists and creatives.  Whether you are in the fields of IT, graphics design, music, writers, as well as artists are among the most-difficult passions to pursue –and succeed at.

Throughout history, most now-famous artists are recognized late in their lives –many even after their deaths.  Shakespeare, Leonardo da Vinci, Edgar Allan Poe, former black American slave, Harriet Powers and Whang Od  Whang Od“The Philippines last Kalinga Tribal Tattoo Maker” born in 1918, all now considered immensely relevant to modern world history and culture.

Their ‘passion’ for their God-given gift of artistry lead them throughout their existence, they see the world around us differently, consistently inspired and re-inspired, creating literally mounds of bodies of work which transcended their ‘lives’ into creations and masterpieces which ultimately would re-define human culture.

Young Filipino, emerging tattoo artists Jetz A. Scarlett of the new Angeles City JET FUEL Tattoo Studio & SOI Salon have fused the beauty of body art, fashion and stylist into a one-stop-shop.  (Meet Jetz:

Jetz is a Cebu Island Native, PH INK Master Finalist and Certified Tattoo Artist and can host PH INK Tour Guests, as well as, be booked for clients in-home, in-resort or hotels throughout the Philippines.  Before becoming a PH INK Master Finalist in 2014, Jetz was recognized by ABS CBN when he won 2nd Place in their 2011 open artists’ competition.

Jetz, mother passed when he was just 15-years old, he later studied Civil Engineering in Cebu, but lacked the passion and support to follow-through.

A few years ago, Jetz along with his wife Jenny and daughter Scarlett risk-it-all, went independent and followed his passion for artistry.  They now live as a full-time artist family and –like most Philippine artists- Jetz depends on his gift for the livelihood of his entire family.

Selected from artists showcased on, PH INK MASTER FINALISTS Banner Jethro JETZ Allen L. Abanera Pic 1 Jetz has received some surprising international recognition and global inspiration from US and Australia-based tattoo lovers who like his professionalism, as well as his new, unique and refreshing tattoo artist-style:  A dream come true by Western standards.

 Jetz, has another advantage over many other US and PH-based artists as well; he has become very good at “The Masterpiece Sketch”  which is increasingly popular amongst foreigner tattoo collectors on tour.PH INK MASTER Banner Jethro JETZ Allen L. Abanera Pic 1

Tattoo artists’ clients and potential clients can commission an artist and order their original Masterpiece Sketch well before they book their trip or book their tattoo –it’s a unique inspiration.  Artists and collectors alike have used The Masterpiece Sketch for application onto apparel, t-shirts, marketing, business cards, murals, paintings and even magazine covers.

The Masterpiece Sketch is the final drawing done by the artists of the masterpiece before it is applied.  It is signed by the artists and can be viewed, edited and ultimately framed for display by the tattoo lover.

As international certification and booking sites such as; which showcases hundreds of Philippines-based artists and shops, as well as their own PH INK Masters, become popular within –the multi-billion dollar- global and celebrity tattoo collector industry, more and more artists will see the value of affiliation.  Tattoo collectors seeking to view, browse, book and pay artists via their ‘Booking Agent’ who knows both them and the artists.

Marketing and International Business Development Groups like US-based KA&CO; which owns the Philippines INK brand, also host international tattoo competitions where they search for and promote talented artists, interactive meet-n-greet social events, resort get-a-ways and parties for tattoo lover’s.  They also host websites, social media, SEO, and publish complimentary, promotional tattoo magazines geared at abolishing tattoo discrimination and promoting their PH INK Master Artists directly to their tattoo loving, readers and fans around the world.

Philippines INK or PH INK also host Tattoo Lover All-Inclusive Tours from the US to the Philippines in which guests can party and jam with the local artists, Pinoy Rastas, tour the islands and have a tattoo done at the same time.  They return to the West with their very own inspiring Pinoy Masterpiece –the ultimate Philippines souvenir.

“Yes.  We do focus on the Philippines because it is a win-win-win for our artists, our collectors and our tourists fans.  The Philippines is home to many…of the world’s best artists…who also use ‘the body’ as one of their canvases –our artists also make wonderful paintings, murals for businesses and even fashion applications.  Plus the Philippine Islands is a National Geographic TOP 10 Destination, Top English-Speaking and one of the world’s most-hospitable cultures and fastest-growing economies. There is a renaissance in the tattoo community right now…we are happy to be a part of it.” –Kareem Jackson

Mr. Jackson is a tattoo lover, and is also The US Executive Publisher of The Philippines Magazine International, Show Host of LIVE! ON THE SET, The Philippines American International Lifestyle Ambassador and Principle at KA&CO America.





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