Typhoon NONA: The Philippines in completely blacked out -from Facebook Messenger!

You have often seen reports that Facebook was closing, fading, or hacked. Today in the Philippines rolling blackouts were reported with Facebook messenger. For the largest texting/PM’ing market in the world, it was a crisis. Some 30 million uses were cut-off.

Businesses stopped, drivers and service centers are without communication. Not sure if the blackout was due to the current 1, 2, and 3 level typhoon Nona pounding the country last night and still at the moment, or if it is due to unexpected usage caused from Mark Zuckerberg test market offering of free Facebook for all in the Philippines recently (

Either way, friends and family attempting to connect with those in the Philippines who may be stranded during the current typhoon NONA are urged to ‘post to walls’ or use other mediums such as email, text messaging or calling; as lines are up, and all other social media services are working.

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