American Negros In Middle Of 2nd Civil War “The Negro Opinion” a T.A.P.S. Exclusive OP-ED

The American press

Over 50,000 American Negros have been assassinated by police and white supremacy groups such as the KKK, The National Socialist Movement (NSM), Hammerskin Nation, and Atomwaffen Division since they were freed from slavery.  Around 25% of all people shot by police are Negro.  Being shot by police is one of the leading causes of death for American Negros.

 “Trump Is Setting Us Up To Be Killed, “In A Civil War Some Of Us Will Be The First To Be Killed”  -US Congress Woman, Maxine Waters  

 The First Civil War was from 1861-1865.  Just 154 years later, America may enter into its 2nd Civil War since US President Lincolns’ 1863 Emancipation Proclamation and subsequent US 13th Amendment as; now free, American Negros –and colored immigrants- along with The Democrats, impeach disgraced US President Donald J. Trump.

In case you didn’t know, in 1862-1865, America, specifically the Honorable President Abraham Lincoln, was possessed by sweet humanity and freed the 4 million Negro slaves which they owned at that time in early America.

American whites, murdered; by lynching, burning and dismemberment, more than 10,000 negros –and their white supporters.  Including, James Byrd Jr.; a 49-year old Negro father of 3, who was chained and dragged for 3 miles down a county road in Jasper, Texas, on June 7, 1998 by (KKK) white supremacist John William King. It is believed Byrd was alive for 2 of those miles.

However, by that time American Negros were considered human beings and surprisingly, John William King was convicted of Capital Murder in 1999, and finally executed for the hate crime over 20-years later.

John King was not alone, he was aided by two other killers, Lawrence Russell Brewer, who was executed in September 2011, and Shawn Allen Berry, who is serving life in prison.

The 4 million negro slaves freed, represented all that was left from the believed nearly 10-million which were human trafficked from Africa to the United States to build the country for free.

The American Slavery Industry was their pride and joy.  At the time, despite the inherent moral issues, it the world’s most-profitable one; bringing in more than a trillion USDs by free Negro slave labor.

 “…by 1860, there were more millionaires (slaveholders all) living in the lower Mississippi Valley than anywhere else in the United States. In the same year, the nearly 4 million American slaves were worth some $3.5 billion, making them the largest single financial asset in the entire U.S. economy, worth more than all manufacturing and railroads combined. So, of course, the war was rooted in these two expanding and competing economies—but competing over what? What eventually tore asunder America’s political culture was slavery’s expansion into the Western territories.”   -David Blight, Yale course, The Civil War and Reconstruction.

In addition, it was the world’s longest lasting slave trafficking empire, Negro slaves even built The iconic White House, are behind the creation of Jack Daniels Whiskey, The Original Kentucky Fried Chicken Recipe, the dominance of Citi Bank and helped to boost the American economy to the forefront –as all other leading nations; such as England, abandoned the salve trade and paid their ‘workers’.  It is called “America’s Original Sin.”  (After slaughtering the American Indians, which is celebrated by the American Thanksgiving Holiday.)

 Now in 2019, as America impeaches; possibly, its last racist President, the old Confederate Flags have been resurrected, white supremacist are rallying in the streets and they are entering into what Trumps threatens to be a 2nd Civil War.

Many fear, a revolution may follow as (both black, white and immigrant) American citizens own more than 393 million guns –the most guns in the world (source: 2018 Small Arms Survey).

To this day, enslaved, nor free-Negros have ever stood up aggressively against white supremacy.  However, now one of the world’s richest, most-successful, well connected and influential races/economies; second only to whites themselves, American Negros pose a massive threat not just to the physical safety of their oppressors, but to the global economy.

Today; now free and paid, a Negro ‘walk out’ or ‘boycott’ would cripple the American economy –again- and shutdown the global markets.  Luckily for the United States, American Negros are not largely sophisticated investors –yet.

Therefore US census and statistics have successfully kept them focused on their ‘buying power’ [or, their net worth –if any] rather than their true value or gross earnings and potential.  Collectively and unknowingly, the American Negros, are estimated to earn [economic power] and spend [buying power] more than 5 trillion USD cash per year; not including their influence and future earnings.

This number will continue to rise as more Negros in America scale the racial equality earnings gap and begin to earn as much as (and more than) their white counterparts.  Proven by the rhetoric heard from US President Trump and his white supporters, many of which complain of limited/lost opportunities and urge to bring America back to the old days when they felt America was its greatest.  Reminiscing to a time when Negros (nor any other minorities) were allowed to read, teach, attend colleges, eat in restaurants, own land, own or play on national sports teams, own TV shows, own homes or commercial properties, own businesses, nor vote.

“The sustained growth of the U.S. economy culminated in an estimated $14.8 trillion of buying power nationally in 2018, an increase of 100 percent since 2000 and 30 percent since 2010, with the biggest percentage gains occurring in minority markets.

The combined buying power of blacks, Asian-Americans and Native Americans is estimated to be $2.4 trillion, while the nation’s Hispanics command $1.5 trillion in spending power—larger than the GDP of Australia.”  -University Of Georgia, Minority Markets Have $3.9 Trillion USD Buying Power

In addition, since the American Negros are largely not ‘sophisticated investors’, nor business owners, nearly 50% of their trillions of USD in ‘economic power’ or ‘gross earnings’ is paid in local/state US taxes, interest fees; and aligned with all minorities, they represent 60% -or more- of the American [consumer] economy.

The Power Of Black Buying –and investing is a fact which has inspired every major country and market around the world, such as Europe, Canada, The Philippines and Africa to invest heavily in what is being called “The Black American Tourism & Investment Campaigns” or “Racism-Free” retreats and vacations.

A civil war would cost America its position in the world order, as already exposed by the 2019 G7 Summit hosted by France in August 2019.  World media deemed it the G6+1 in international news and protests against the 45th American President of the United States were held across the globe.

However; though the party tables have turned, much like the US Confederate States President Jefferson Davis [Democrat] before him, current US President Donald Trump [Republican] this week issued his rally cry.

“If the Democrats are successful in removing the President from office (which they will never be), it will cause a Civil War like fracture in the Nation from which our Country will never heal,”

-45th President of The United States, Donald Trump via Tweet

Trump, speaking to the American confederates, white nationalist, white supremacist and The Republican Party who [still] represent around 35% of the US population and the Electoral College which elected him.

US President Donald Trump is not the Peoples-President, and lost the US Presidential Election to Hillary Clinton by almost 2.9 million votes, despite Negro voter suppression and Russian involvement(source: CNN Politics)

The NRA (American, National Rifle Association) unwittingly has pushed to limit any harsh restrictions on purchases of guns by civilians in the United States –including Negros, immigrants and minorities at-large.   Though the mass assassinations of Negros at their churches, events, rally’s and by police has killed thousands of them, surprisingly, it has not intimidated them nor forced them to leave the country.  Though ‘black on black crime’ is a contributing factor, an American Negro is less likely to commit suicide, nor conduct mass shootings, despite their inherent PSD racism victim mentality.

This 2nd Civil War will look very different from the first, and the world has all eyes on America –again.

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