Prince, Extended Youth Cultures, The American Depression

Following the untimely death of Prince; Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson, is yet another American ICON lost too soon.  Unsurprisingly, Prince now too, is surrounded by stories of sadness, distrust, dis-function, overly-focused, success-consumed, over-dosing drug scandals.

Following the death of Prince, on-line searches for wills, topical medicines and tropical simple-lifestyle tourism spiked, as Americans begin to realize the damage stressful, Western-lifestyle can cause.  More and more, Americans are discovering the allure of expat, virtual-business, and island life –at least on a part-time basis. Prince’s religion forbids him to use prescription drugs, and so he believed in a ‘healthy life’ and ‘natural healing’ of the mind, body and soul.

American Press Philippines 1In a new Minority Success International Magazine, special report on international tourism, expats and lifestyle ambassadors around the world; shows that American’s are amongest the world’s most-desired, yet- most ‘unhappy’tourism and investment partner cultures, usually aged beyond their years.

Also, the report surveyed successful American’s –and other expats- around the world.  When asked, nearly 100% of American’s expressed that they were more successful, happier and healthier living as an ‘American’ expat or with dual-residency –as Prince did.

America; is the world’s largest market –ever.  America also is home to the world’s –newly discovered- second largest market.  Specifically Minority America,is one of the world’s top 20 largest and richest markets.

Relatively new to the concept of international business, investments and lifestyle options, minority American is the newest beacon for global investment.  A new tourism micro-industry was triggered by President Obama’s recent APEC tour.   However, it is a derivative of endless stress, high-cost living and racism in the United States.

American’s earn and spend trillions of dollars on vices such as alcohol, over the counter prescriptions, entertainment, tourism and even goober-consumerism.  Such ‘trending-vices’ are believed to be a tell-tell sign of a depressed; fun-seeking, and wealthy society. Evidenced by the current US Presidential Campaign of Donald J. Trump –one which appeals to the –seemingly unhappy- masses in America.

“Make American Great Again!” is an amazing slogan, coming from the world’s top 1%.  Around the world, and for millions and millions of new-rich, America is still great.  Many American’s are not falling for it, they are seeking more performance-based psychology, instead of time-management or be-better psychology, and they are no longer tithing to the religion of never-satisfied capitalism, ‘over-ambition’ and are now seeking to have more happiness –not more possessions.

Not a surprise, futurists and marketing experts are adjusting for this new shift in American wealth, as well as the new ‘values’ this new emerging-market is and/or will-be attracted to.

“The direct contribution of Travel & Tourism to GDP was US$ 458.0bn (2.6% of total GDP) in 2014, and is forecast to rise by 3.0% in 2015, and to rise by 3.8% pa, from 2015-2025, to US $ 684.6bn (3.0% of total GDP) in 2025.”  – The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC)

In industrialized, but still simple-lifestyle cultures such as The Philippines Islands, living a happier and longer ‘youth’takes decades off the human bodies ageing process, and ultimately you live longer and healthier.Whereas, stress, over-ambition, racism and the detachment from a true-life experience on earth,adds decades onto the body, aging us too rapidly.

“…increasing wages, the lowest jobless rate since 2008 and improved consumer confidence, Americans feel more comfortable accruing debt and have reverted back to pre-recession spending habits. According to Mintel flagship report American Lifestyles 2015, a comprehensive look at American consumer markets, over the next five years total sales are forecast to increase by 21.9 percent.Nonessential categories, including vacations and dining out, are expected to see the greatest gains with projected five-year increases of about 27 percent each.”  -Mintel.com

In a recent 8-days and 8-nights, Philippines true-lifestyle philanthropist, immersion tour,hosted by The Philippines Magazine International, amazed, broken-down and humbled, Dr. August Leming said, “Before you come on this trip, you’d better get ready…this was life-changing.” An extremely successful, ivy league, US wellness guru, who works with some of  America’s top families, August Leming,Ph. D. was nearly left in tears on camera, during a rare take-out interview after having lived, ate, slept and bonded with a Filipino family, who lived in a poor shanty area of Quezon City, Philippines.

“…the greatest gains over the next five years are leisure and entertainment, vacations and tourism, technology and communications, and alcohol on premises.” -Mediapost.com

“The overall American buying power is expected to grow nearly 30%, and reach more than $275 billion over the next 2-years.  Significantly, a new black/minority American tourism is a large part of that spike.”

–KA&CO, US Executives Publishers of The Philippines Magazine International and Minority Success America

“Visitor Receipts. Tourism activities for the month of February 2016 generated an estimated earnings of Php 27.49 billion which posted a growth of 42.09% from the earnings of February 2015 amounting to Php 19.35 billion.  Korea remained to be the top spending market during the month with receipts accumulating to Php 12.92 billion. U.S.A. ranked second with an aggregate visitor spending of Php 2.87 billion.-Tourism.gov.ph

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