American Publishers Promote New Long-Term, Lifestyle-Oriented Philippine Experience.

American Publishers Promote New Long-Term, Lifestyle-Oriented Philippine Experience.

For the 2015 Philippines tourism season, American tourism and lifestyle publishers aim their scopes at the new, rapidly expanding foreigner market which look beyond vacation locales, get-a-ways and party spots; to a new, more long-term, lifestyle-oriented experience in the country. Specifically foreign residency and investments: The Power of 50-Times Earnings makes the islands quite attractive.

More and more Americans, Balikbayans and other foreigners are looking to the Philippines for much more than an affordable vacation or inexpensive retirement option. With the boom in the relatively new Philippines business market; due to its eager workforce, top English-speaking rankings, tranquil climate and non-discrimination culture, millions of expats and Balikbayans (residents and off-shore investors alike) are looking for investments and welcomed lifestyle changes offered by the Philippines.

For hundreds of thousands of young (18-45) expats, the Philippines offers a festive, tropical early-retirement haven, in which they can invest for much higher returns; from higher-education, to taking advantage of small and micro-business opportunities which would not be accessible to them in the West.

Older expats, retirees and Balikbayans (Filipinos returning home from living/working abroad) are also now more inclined to make investments in the Philippines over-and-beyond the typical-condo purchase. Retirees are now excited and optimistic. They are “…scampering to build business development legacies for their families –and having a good time doing it.” expressed Carasuchi Villa proprietors Colin and Emi Richards. Carasuchi Villa Gardens is a mansion style retreat in Indang Cavite, Philippines popular among expats who enjoy a mansion-home-style retreat outside of Metro Manila. Carasuchi is also known for their gourmet bakery, catering and chef-style menu.

One of the fastest-growing areas in the Philippines for expats looking for small and micro-investments (according to their US Dollar values) is the Cavite/Tagaytay area. The twin cities are sandwiched together, much like the California/Mexico or Kansas/Missouri borders in the US. Both share locale and notoriety; however Cavite City is currently on-the rise. Though already a tourism Mecca, Tagaytay City is approaching a peak. Neighboring, Cavite City shows early signs of economic success under Mayor Dimero, as well as vast potential for future growth, enabling it to capture the next wave of venture capital.

The US Publisher’s and Producers of the Philippines Magazine International Series announced today their new venture promoting Cavite City and Tagaytay City. The Internationally-distributed, FREE, in-print and on-line Special Edition Magazine and PH INK MAG APP on America’s #1 Digital Newstand will showcase over 500 businesses, people, opportunities and events in the twin cities. Giving fans investment insights, showcasing successful couples, entrepreneurs, and documenting their inspiring ventures and stories. The Goal, according to publishers, “…is to promote an optimistic-forward-thinking view of Cavite and Tagaytay in an effort to encourage tourism and investment.” – Executive Publisher, Kareem Antonio-Jackson

Cavite City Mayor Dimero, stated “Cavite…is a well-kept secret. We are a beautiful, open-minded people and everyone is welcomed here. Come see for yourself.” to our Executive Publisher at a recent mixer in Carasuchi Villa, Barangay Carasuchi, Indang Cavite, Philippines. Dimero, along with Carasuchi Villa proprietors, Colin and Emi Richards hosted the US Publisher’s recent Philippines INK Magazine launch party, and for talks on ways, aspects and opportunities to market the area to a more international audience; as well as the many new area businesses, to local residents and tourists.

Local businesses are urged to contact the publishers so that their business(es) can be part of the showcase. A free publication: funded by advertisers and sponsors. Offers the lowest AD Rates in the PH and US to promote “fair marketing tactics” to local entrepreneurs: Full-Color, Glossy Directory Listings start at just $15.00/P500 and Full-Page Ads are just $199/P8,000. Inquires:

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