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Barack Obama Tour Triggers Black American Tourism For The Philippines

Barack Obama Tour Triggers Black American Tourism For The Philippines

As one of the final Presidential Tours, US President Barack Obama landed in the Philippines for APEC a few weeks ago.  The purpose was to secure TPP and other trade deals, establish a united-front for opposing China and to say farewell to long-term friend PH President NoyNoy Aquino.  However, though he has already come and gone, his presence has lingered.

In addition, Obama continued a century-old tradition, as black American’s have been friends of the Philippines long before APEC, the TPP, the Spanish War, Thrilla’ In Manila, Kobe, Tiger, Oprah, Apo the App, Bruno Mars, or even the China Crisis.

A proud part of Black American History, following The Treaty of Paris, which ended the Spanish American War in December of 1898, the United States took control of the former Spanish colonies of Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Philippines.  Troops from the -then- segregated Black infantry regiments reported to the Presidio of San Francisco on their way to the Philippines in early 1899. In February of that year Filipino nationalists (Insurectos) led by Emilio Aguinaldo resisted the idea of American domination and began attacking U.S. troops.  The 9th and 10th Cavalry volunteered to go to the Philippines as reinforcements.

Ultimately, all four Black regiments, plus African American national guardsmen stood with Filipinos in the war -and stayed after the war to endure there was no uprising.  Black Americans knew a good military showing by Black troops in the Philippines would insure the Filipino people would be met with compassion, it also reflected favorably and enhanced their cause in the United States.  At that time, not long after slavery was abolished in the US, blacks in the US military was a new and controversial issue.  Black Americans, were revered as compassionate and nice people.  They were also feared and respected throughout the world for their achievements against slavery.  They were the best to help the Philippines out of their own form of slavery and oppression.

“It is now said that colored troops are to be sent to the Philippines. The sooner the better. The Negroes must be taught that the enemy of the country is a common enemy and that the color of the face has nothing to do with it.”

— Indianapolis Freeman, July 1, 1899

Minority Success Magazine America named the Philippines as the “Top Destination for Black Americans to travel to, live and invest in.” due to their inherent lack of racism, and subsequent love and respect for black culture.  Justin Beiber who is no longer welcome in the country following his actions during a concert tour, is example of the completely opposite perspectives and experiences the two American communities have in regards to the country.

That being said, President Obama’s obviously warm-welcome, cheerful, free charisma while in the Philippines has sparked a new craze for Philippines Tourism.  Black Americans had never before seen themselves received so well abroad.  Never in the history of the United States, has any President had such an appeal.  Probably one of the largest tourism opportunities was missed by PH Department of Tourism -but, that is a good thing.  They do not -necessarily see color, or utilize racism in marketing.

Nonetheless, black Americans saw it, googled it millions of times, the Philippines was the top ‘fare search’ for weeks, PH foreign video bloggers on YouTube saw added traffic.  US-based Philippines lifestyle specialist groups such KA&CO a US LLC conglomerate, which specializes in marketing, international business development and publishing.  They also publish The Philippines Magazine International; the countries first and only international distributed, complimentary coffee table book-style magazine.  The group also produces, Kareem Jackson LIVE! ON THE SET, Philippines INK Magazine, PH: CIO, Food! Oh, Fabulous Food!, PH INK Master Tattoo Competition, and the countries first ever barangay neighborhood lifestyle magazine series and business directory among over 20 other titles, including events, expert commentary, radio and TV Shows.

“I think that the American people noticed the Philippines much more during this tour by President Obama.  With all of the hatred, killing and new revelations happening to blacks in America right now, the black American public is watching Obama closely.  They are looking for acceptance.  And, they saw a lot of that during his Philippines tour.”  said Kareem Jackson, KA&CO Chairman to The American Press Service, in regards to the sudden spit in tourism and travel within black America.  “Blacks, all over the world, are searching for outlets, new vacation spots and investment opportunities which will take them out of the US, at least part time. “continued Jackson.

Black financial power advocates in America, such as Dr. Boyce Watkins, founder of, Financial Juneteenth, and The Black Wealth Boot Camp is a powerful advocate for blacks harnessing the power of their collective money and assets.  Educators such as Dr.Watkins, are fueling this sort of financial freedom and advocacy.  And, as the world’s fastest-growing economy, it’s about time, blacks got a piece-of-the-action in the Philippines; historically, minorities have followed -generations- behind whites when it comes to financial opportunities.

Minority America at-large is a powerful new Mega multi-billion dollar emerging consumer, entertainment and business market. Countries around the world -including the Philippines- are taking notice of its potential.  Especially, during election season in the US, as the US Census Bureau releases its new black/minority America numbers -and, as usual they are staggering.

Historically, black Americans have done well when they have taken their talents outside the country.  Icons such as Josephine Baker, Billy Holiday, Mohammed Ali and even Michael Jackson.    Progressively, the Philippines will be the first country to ever take the ‘Black American Tourism Market’ as a ‘market’ to solicit.

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