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First The PGA Tour…Now Miss Universe.  The Philippine Islands Win BIG! As World Anticipates2016 American Depression Created by Donald J. Trump

10816849_photos-miss-universe-pia-wurtzbach-visits_t76a12e50After BREXIT took the world market by storm, literally overnight; millions were whipped out never to return again; or had their financial and personal lives turned upside down.  The decision was so immensely powerful, it thrust entire nations’ economies up the global ranks –the post-recession US rose above Britain and Europe earning savvy futurists some quick earnings.

Entire cities, companies, banks and families are divided, and they are still recuperating-because they were not prepared for the un-believable.  Many under-informed voters/people; whom seemingly had believed it to be a joke election, have called for a re-do of the Brexit election.

Now a potential 2016 TRUMP Inspired American Depression will affect millions and millions of working class, business, corporate, military, immigrants, retirees and international investors alike.

Around the world, foreign investors scamper to pull-out their ‘Dollar Account’ balances due to an expected drop in value as the US approaches a potential Donald Trump Administration (many also made/loss dollar account values surrounding The Brexit).  Foreign workers; such as OFW’s from the Philippines –as well as TNT- are increasingly hiking-up their ‘foreign investments’ and/or ‘remittances’ to the Philippines in anticipation of possible US immigration reforms, a drop in Dollar/Peso Conversion Rates, surge in the price of US-sold goods and the possibility of many jobs, investments and businesses completely being whipped out.

Already, the world is experiencing declines in revenues related to Trump and the US Elections, as well as, surges in contempt for ‘Trumps America’ which the world feels disillusioned.

Remember Univision, in which huge sales commissions were deleted, events, parties, TV interviews, radio advertising, print Ads and even models, actors and writers all lost their money and/or jobs due to ‘The Trump Deal’ being fired from the network.

Then there is the President and country of Mexico; whom Trump accused of sending their murderers and rapists to America, subsequently they severed ties with the Mogul which lost thousands of jobs, contracts and more deleted deals.  –However, ironically it did gain the PGA Tour for Mexico.

Then again, the PGA Tour (made famous by the bi-racial, son of an immigrant Tiger Woods)was forced to fire Trump and his Trump Doral Course in Miami, USA as their Host: which then lost more jobs, contracts and actually lost The United States of America the PGA Tour –to Mexico! Subsequently sponsored by the Group Salinas conglomerate; to spite Mr. Trump.

Missing the reasoning behind this decision by the PGA Tour Trump stated this:

“The PGA Tour has put profit ahead of thousands of American jobs, millions of dollars in revenue for local communities and charities and the enjoyment of hundreds of thousands of fans who make the tournament an annual tradition,” he said. “This decision only further embodies the very reason I am running for president of the United States.” –Donald J. Trump

All now outsourced to Mexico.  The true-reason was that The PGA Tour found more value in the Latin population of the world than they did in Donald Trump’s Venue(s) –or the new Trump America.  Also, his statements (which have gotten worse since the date of the PGA decision) lowered the value of using his brands and posed a real-liability to the PGA Tour and the sport of golf if they had remained affiliated with funding racism in America.

Just in! Remember, In 2015, after The Donald, talked so badly about illegal immigrants from Mexico in his U.S. presidential campaign kick-off speech, then NBC fired him, and dumped the Miss Universe or Miss USA pageants from their massive networks?

After that, in true Trump fashion, in September 2015, Trump bought the entire stock of the Miss Universe Organization from NBC, in a massive-flip, he became the sole owner -for three days.  Then, (perhaps to fund his political campaign for The White House) he turned around and sold the entire stock to WME/IMG Talent Agency Group in Beverly Hills, USA.  The company is run by Co-CEOs Ari Emanuel and Patrick Whitesell. The duo also own IMG, Ultimate Fighting Championship, Professional Bull Riders and now Miss Universe.

[also see:  www.wmeentertainment.com]

You also may remember the Steve Harvey blooper, where Steve miss-announced the 2015 Miss Universe winner; but then, became beloved and respected by the Filipino people when he returned to the stage, retracted his statement and announced to true-winner; bringing him massive racial backlash until today.  The current Miss Universe is Pia Wurtzbach of the Philippines who was crowned on 20 December 2015 in Las VegasNevada, USA.

[July 28, 2016 PST]Just days into Office, The Philippines Department of Tourism (PH DOT) spearheaded efforts and has now announced that The Philippines has gained America’s 2017 Miss Universe Pageant from Las Vegas, USA as well.[www.missuniverse.com]

The American Press Service puts its price to be around $11 Million; plus marketing and PR.  International business development gurus are highly optimistic.

“More Beautiful in the Philippines!  This is an amazing accomplishment and will boost Pinoy Pride globally.  Miss Universe in the Philippines next year would be a big win for President Duterte’s Administration and The PH DOT.  Miss Universe is The Olympics of Beauty…hosted by one of the world’s most-beautiful people and locales.  The Philippines is an amazing backdrop…one of National Geographic’s Top Destinations.  It will boost the economy even more, bring thousands of jobs, a P1Billion or more in revenues, and put the Miss Universe Pageant on their home turf!  I’m excited!” –Kareem Jackson, Principle and Futurist with KA&CO America LLC [www.KareemAntonio.com]

The Philippines has an amazing advantage as pageants are immensely popular in the country.  Plus, in support of the historical coincidence of having a President and current reigning Miss Universe, both from the Mindanao Region.  Just as with the PGA in Mexico, the Philippines anticipates that the financial support deriving from the wealthy private sectors who have stepped in to show Pinoy Pride.   With more than 500,000 American residents in the country, it is sure to be the most anticipated and diverse crowd in decades under Donald Trump.

Many around the world were pleasantly surprised and had believed that ‘The American Dream’ known around the world, was tried and tested-true with the election of its first black American.  Until the Trump Campaign “Make America Great Again” was launched, no other country in the world felt or knew that America was not the greatest.  Globally the most-aspired address, passport, consumer market, land of life-changing opportunity, more reliable product maker, as ‘Made In America’ still holds true and even the haven for artists around the world to be discovered.  Including American success story, reigning Miss Universe, Pia.

“America is more successful and more influential now than ever before in history -hands down.  However…now, that the Trump camp has emerged with a bitter and potentially devastating segment of Old America whom possess a lingering hostility about the huge transfer of wealth and power which took place since the American Civil War, subsequent freeing of the black slaves and slow abolishment of white privilege.  Truth is, there are also entire industries such as entertainment, sports, fashion and which never significantly existed before black slaves were freed and allowed to integrate. ” –Kareem Jackson

Anticipation of a ‘depression’ in America has positive effects for many around the world as economies readily accessible and inviting to America-based consumers, brands such as Miss Universe and the PGA, as well as, global-minded micro-investors seeking other more-diverse options.

For example, in the Philippines where Donald Trump is in the process of completing his first Trump Tower Manila, with the Antonio’s, of course pre-sales and marketing buzz has dropped tremendously.  A deal worth much-less now, than it was initially before The Donald showed his true-colors to the world.

Now, once begged for an Ivanka Trump Cover, ‘Trump’ may be a liability and fan feedback, warranted the US Publishers of The Philippines Magazine International to assure their expat readers and sponsors they would not be showcasing the property any longer.

Good news, for countries such as the Philippines which with new President Duterte, intending to bump-up tourism efforts, ease of doing business, as well as, cleaning up corruption; and bring Miss Universe to the islands, a warm-welcome mat for massive-increases Western tourism and investment.

Canada has also jumped on the bandwagon, making official Invitations and offers a ‘exchange expat’ type of program.  In the United States, billboards are going up, specifically advertising to home owners looking to ‘relocate’ abroad who may need to sell their homes.

Congratulations…It’s More Beautiful in the Philippines!

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