“Black America Now… Richer & More Powerful than ever before.”-Minority Success Report.

“Black America Now…Richer & More Power than ever before.”-Minority Success Report.  

Countries around the world compete for the more than $3 trillion in black/minority America buying power.   Amidst returning racism and violence in America against blacks and other minorities, minority America partners globally to take aggressive control of and boost their own world image.

The United States Publisher of Minority Success Magazine Debuts New International Venture with the Philippines.

Black Minority Magazine-lowrezQuezon City, Philippines |  The United States Publisher KA&CO, with The Tiongson Group, a Filipino/Chinese IT group, have unified to develop The All-New MINORITY SUCCESS MAGAZINE INTERNATIONAL(MSM).

The award-winning, controversial, highly-anticipated, and unapologetic magazine; now with an international perspective, enables blacks and other minorities in America to promote their own image and brand.

The magazine is a showcase of nearly 1,000 successful American minorities, their lifestyles and their businesses around the world.  As well as, a promotion of true black/minority America wealth and power.  On its website, the group has expressed its Goal:“To successfully promote an optimistic view of blacks and other minority Americans to the world.”(,

Due to the domestic propaganda and racism; seen by the entire world in mainstream and social media, the majority of minorities in America –especially blacks- have no idea the acclaim, admiration and financial opportunities the world -outside of the US- has for them:  their lifestyle, businesses, brands, music, entertainment, comedy, history and culture.

At over $1 trillion in economic buying power, black America alone would be the 16th richest in the world –if it were a country.  Up from $803 billion in 2008; despite the US recession.  The US Census Bureau, has once again published rankings of ‘black/minority American Buying Power’ as the highest in the world –ever. Second, only to the United States economy itself.  Collectively, US minorities represent around $3.4 trillion in buying power.  Countries around the world are now competing for black and minority American tourism, religious and investment dollars.  The magazine returns with an uncanny, new editorial and demographic model perfect for a new world of opportunities, Minority success stories and global appeal.

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