“Black America Now…Richer & More Power than ever before.” Minority America partners globally to take aggressive control of and boost their own world image.

 The United States Publisher of Minority Success Magazine Debuts New International Venture with the Philippines.

Black Minority Magazine-lowrezQuezon City, Philippines |  The United States Publisher KA&CO, with The Tiongson Group, a Filipino/Chinese IT group, have unified to develop The All-New MINORITY SUCCESS MAGAZINE INTERNATIONAL(MSM).

The award-winning, controversial, highly-anticipated, and unapologetic magazine; now with an international perspective, enables blacks and other minorities in America to promote their own image and brand.

The magazine is a showcase of nearly 1,000 successful American minorities, their lifestyles and their businesses around the world.  As well as, a promotion of true black/minority America wealth and power.  On its website, the group has expressed its Goal: “To successfully promote an optimistic view of blacks and other minority Americans to the world.” (,

Due to the domestic propaganda and racism; seen by the entire world in mainstream and social media, the majority of minorities in America –especially blacks- have no idea the acclaim, admiration and financial opportunities the world -outside of the US- has for them:  their lifestyle, businesses, brands, music, entertainment, comedy, history and culture.

At over $1 trillion in economic buying power, black America alone would be the 16th richest in the world –if it were a country.  Up from $803 billion in 2008; despite the US recession.  The US Census Bureau, has once again published rankings of ‘black/minority American Buying Power’ as the highest in the world –ever. Second, only to the United States economy itself.  Collectively, US minorities represent around $3.4 trillion in buying power.  Countries around the world are now competing for black and minority American tourism, religious and investment dollars.  The magazine returns with an uncanny, new editorial and demographic model perfect for a new world of opportunities, Minority success stories and global appeal.

Globally, despite US propaganda which indicates that blacks and other minorities in the US are uber-consumers and lack investing skills; which is what enables them to catch up with their US W.A.S.P. counterparts, their buying power has increased at a higher rate than the United States at-large.  When you take into account their humble and lesser-than-human US beginnings this number is mind-boggling to global marketing and tourism experts.  Minority America has the power to bailout the American recession and to build nations and industries around the world.

THE MINORITY SUCCESS MYTH in America is; when the facts and figures are put into the proper perspective, taking slavery, segregation, genocide, ramped incarcerations, racial profiling, the initial ban on negro education, mass lynching’s, the demise of Black Wall Street, American racism and red-lining; black America has come a long way financially.

Since the –not too long ago- days of slavery, being listed on their slave masters balance sheets like cattle, being worth -less than their slave masters and since first being allowed to work, appear on TV, buy a home, own a business, play in the PBA, PBA, NFL, the Olympics and being allowed to vote in the US elections; they have blazed a trail, other minorities followed.

KA&CO with The Tiongson Group, has created a conglomerate to change all that, by taking Minority Success Magazine and its fans international.

Today, black America is richer and more powerful than ever before in history and has an amazing influence, with major US-companies patronized by blacks; such as KFC, Nike, FUBU, and anything NBA, makes fortunes from the ‘black-American’ or ‘hip-hop’ lifestyle.  Not surprisingly, China, boast a multi-billion dollar global industry of ‘knock-off’ products influenced by black-American style.  The world’s top music is hip-hop, R&B, reggae and reggaeton, as well.

BBC Global Perspective | The State of Black/Minority America Today; Donald Trump exposes lingering US envy, anger and hostility towards minority success.

FACT: Wealth in American is shifting.  Specifically, black Americans are garnering global attention; they EARN and SPEND $6.4 billion in tourism, travel and leisure, $11 billion with their churches and philanthropy, $6.6 billion on personal care and beauty products (largely from China) and services, $2.8 billion on alcoholic beverages.  Also, purchases of items related to their homes spiked despite the US recession:  appliance purchases grew 27% to $2.2 billion; computers for home use climbed 28% to $3.5 billion and consumer electronic expenditures went up by 32% to a mindboggling $4.5 billion; and they are likely to be ’self-employed’ than other US groups.

Stuck, refused US passports due to mas incarcerations, and distracted by the current racial tensions in the US, minorities are kept in the dark in regards to global branding, outsourcing and their true-economic value –abroad.  The new magazine will promote international lifestyles, opportunities and countries, to minorities living in the United States who desire to travel to, re-locate to, expand their businesses into or invest their money abroad.

An increasing number of tourism, foreign trade and investment savvy countries around the world are competing for the new ‘black American Tourism’ industry which has spiked over the past year; international travel agents have seen a spike since President Obama’s APEC visit in the Philippines.  President Obama expressed the amazing hospitality he received while there.

The Philippines, made history, with their first foreign media host –a black American.  Subsequently, the Philippines will be the first country showcased by the publishers, along with its twin cities, Kansas and Missouri, USA Special Edition.  The Philippines’ hospitality is world renowned, and the country is ranked amongst the world’s best places for black American’s by the Philippines Magazine International: Minority Success Report.  Quezon City and Manila are two of the world’s richest cities, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers, also ranked as a nation which is highly competitive in attracting business by the World Economic Forum (WEF).  America is the country’s largest investor, and minority American’s are their most popular celebrities, lifestyle and brands –a fact most-minority American’s are not informed of.

American minorities who vacation, live and/or invest in the country enjoy the same tax-breaks; higher-healthcare, upgraded lifestyle and outsourcing business opportunities usually only take advantage of by whites.  Minorities from the US, are amazed by the culture and hospitality of the people; no racism and their favoritism for black-American culture, starting with the Haley families Roots Saga, to the popularity of President Barack Obama and basketball super star Kobe Bryant, three of the country’s most popular American Icons.

The highly-controversial Minority Success Magazine, was a trailblazer.  Founded in 2003 in Kansas City, Missouri, it was the 1stblack-owned, minority success focused, complimentary, lifestyle magazine in the city’s history, an area rated ‘worst place for minority-owned business people in popular reports, and also known for its racial profiling by police and employers.

At its peak, the magazines’ brand was extremely popular and fully-supported by the community at-large, launch parties were epic, hosted over 2,000 guests –per issue; breaking liquor and wine sale records, minority entrepreneurship numbers and at its finale, crowds of fans shut down Main Street, in KC.

The publisher also boasted a list of over 500 advertisers seeking to change the cities racist image; companies such as AT&T, Blackwell Sanders, Glaxo Smith Kline, Pepsi Cola, Sprint and hundreds of minority owned, local businesses.  Mayor Kay Barnes and the City Council bestowed the publisher a US Resolution for his contributions to minority America, a literary Masterpiece Award, as well as the Black Chamber of Commerce Young Entrepreneur-of-the-year Award, CN Magazine Entrepreneur-of-the-year, and he received huge acclaim following his controversial ‘media challenge’ where he challenged the local media to showcase more positive and successful minorities –and embarrassed, they did.

However, white-owned, major US printers, media and government agencies who felt threatened by the power of the publication, its fans and the minority market which they served, continually raised printing thresholds, sabotaged the magazines growth, harassed their advertisers and even rolled-out propaganda campaigns on local TV stations prior to every launch.  The publisher was subsequently, forced to stop publishing the magazine in the United States completely in 2010.

As minority success in the city and the country, declined, many minority businesses shut down; or went global, such as FUBU; now FUBU International.  Therefore, the success of the publications current editorial and distribution would need to as well.

Minority Success Magazine International will strategically launch its new international minority success concept.  The award-winning magazine was at one time the #1 minority magazine in the region, showcasing hundreds of inspiring successful minorities in the Twin Cities.

However, US discrimination, the threat of black American awareness; solidified by the 2-term election of President Barack Obama and the success of US minorities despite the US economic crash, which devastated many US big business; the magazine, now outsourced, re-organized and its new international concept will debut before the US Presidential Election; sometime in the summer of 2016.

Inspired by, the endless stories viewed by the publisher, in regards to countless American minorities, doing very well, living successfully, racism-free and retiring younger –however they are doing it abroad!  As well as, minorities in America who seek to expand their US-based businesses and brands to get free from the US discrimination and working-class.

The new magazine concept, will debut with a showcase of the current state of minorities in the United States; titled “The Minority Success MYTH”  Issue, the magazine list and distribute directly to a mind-boggling, nearly 1,000 successful minority businesses and showcases a few, in an effort to abolish the myth that average-black and minority Americans are under-accomplished.  A celebration of minority success in America, the magazine will promote the success and increasing power of black and minority America around the world over the last half century.


Minority Success Magazine International publisher’s will offer advice, tips, business and lifestyle solutions usually hidden from minorities in the United States.  Insights, the average American minority, who earns a modest income, would benefit from: escaping racism, entrepreneurship, and financial freedom, how-to use the over-achieving standards imposed on minorities in the United States to their advantage, retiring earlier and avoiding consumer debt –just as whites do.

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