Trailblazer’s STI College and JPMAP – MARKETING 101 BY Kareem J. A. Jackson


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Bulacan City, Philippines | 11 March 2016:  Trailblazer’s STI College and JPMAP gain yet another huge advantage over other colleges, by hosting the Philippines first American-developed and presented certification-seminar series for two sold out, standing room only crowds in Balagtas, Bulacan, Philippines.  

 In today’s expanding and highly-competitive educational and employment markets, savvy PH-college students are becoming more aware of the value of being both marketable and competitive.  Students are seeking colleges which offer extra-curricular, real-world educators and studies –and they are willing to pay over-tuition for them.  Graduates who possess mentorship, OJT, volunteer and internship experience –while still in college- are able to ‘hit the ground running’ once they graduate.  Studies show, these ambitious, well-rounded graduates are employed faster, earn more and ultimately live a more financially-secure life. In addition, competitive companies are looking to recruit these top-tier students before they hit the workforce; possibly working for the competition.

A very-progressive, Philippines top college launched an American hosted, US-developed and real-life, true-experience curriculum: Philippines Marketing Success 101 US Certifying Seminar, part of The Philippines Magazine International’s Success Seminar Series.   The preliminary seminar, focused on how-to be marketable, competitive and how-to ‘build’ a successful personal resume.  Top Attendees, may even be selected for PH MAG Affiliate Scholarships, OJT opportunities and employment referrals to mid-level and top companies seeking stellar applicants. Students are encouraged to ‘Be marketable, have a vision for yourself…get your resumes ready’ by US Host Kareem Jackson.

In an aggressive effort to better prepare Philippines college students for the “real-world” of opportunities; student body officials, professors, parents, varsity athletes, sponsors and recruiters demand higher-learning, real-life, international-centric, educators and special engagements to introduce students to international ideals and ultimately be more competitive in the workforce.

STI College, with JPMAP (Junior People Management Association of the Philippines) Balagtas Chapter answered the call with the debut of a trail-blazing, American-hosted, 200+ attendees, extra-curricular seminar and subsequent US certification.

Seminar Advisor, Professor Ceceiro Cruz, arrived with PH Power 100 IT Guru and CIO Joselito Tiongson, who coordinated the event, and mentored the Student IT Team and award-winning American entrepreneur, US Executive Publisher of The Philippines Magazine International, Philippines’ American International Lifestyle Ambassador and Host of LIVE! ON THE SET, Kareem Jackson who hosted the seminar:  along with event producers and PH co-hosts Gemela Maranan, Jerome Gesmundo and JPMAP STI College, Balagtas Chapter President, Benjie C. Dela Peña. The US Host, enjoyed one-on-one interaction with students, real-Filipino food during the break (per his request), and all of the Filipino hospitality, STI College is known for.

Special Guest attendees included, but were not limited to, Dr. Nilo Francisco, President of PMAP Bulacan 2016, Dean of College of Management and Technology, Centro Escolar University Malolos, with  Professor Louie Christopher B. Quinay, Elaine Queen Bolipata, Business and Management Coordinator, Professor Jimmy Moral Jr., and Professor Benson Parinas.

The MARKETING 101 Success Seminar was an eye-opening, interactive introduction to –successful– international marketing.  STI College:  formerly known as Systems Technology Institute, STI is the largest network of for-profit information technology based colleges in the Philippines, featured the countries first, Philippines-specific to the United States market(s) seminar(s) at their Balagtas campus.  STI offers a curriculum including business studiescomputer scienceeducation, engineering and health care; acclaimed, as the second largest IT-based educational institution in Asia.

At STI, top-students see the need to begin their ‘personal resumes’ with extra-curricular, real-life, applied-studies courses and experiences early; well-before their graduation.  As a top-tier college, Philippines-based and International companies alike name STI graduates as one of their ‘short listed’ go-to colleges.

“I dream of being an entrepreneur someday…to be successful in the auto industry.  I know marketing and marketability can make that happen for me.”  stated STI Varsity Player –Von John Rafols in a Ask Kareem Q&A Session.

“I work in my family construction business now, however, my dream is to lead a big company someday…perhaps this knowledge can help me to build my own, family-business into one.” expressed -Benjie C. Dela Peña. Other students expressed interest in pursuing medical, IT, education, law, restaurant proprietorship and media.

“My goal is to be successful as a law student…to lead a top organization and give opportunity to many people.” stated -Sherijan Ivan Dela Cruz.  Cruz was the seminars most-engaged pupil and had over 20-minutes of Q&A with Kareem Jackson.

“It was my first time to ever be in an American or foreign seminar, hosted by an American educator…the experience was invaluable!  I’ve got a lot of work to do…”  -Mark Anthony Dela Cruz in an interview with The American Press, after the seminar.

“I’m so happy.  I was allowed to intern at the seminar at STI College…being around everyone is inspiring and I am proud to be able to use the experience for my personal growth and future resume.”  Louis Philippe Condat, Junior High School Audio Visual & Multi-Media Intern

 After the prayer and STI College Anthem, each attendee was required to close their eyes, envision their future selves, then, write-down their goal, and some even stated it out loud to their peers.  A commitment-exercise designed to teach visualization, planning and inherent action.

First time techniques used in progressive certification-seminars such as Success Seminars, give STI students yet another unique advantage when seeking employment or to venture into business ownership and entrepreneurship.  Top Philippines companies select STI graduates, due to their uncanny ability to ‘start’ with more hands-on, practical experience and savvy.


The Official US Certification List of students and attendees is below (in-full):


1 Alvarez, Khammel A. 106 Escurel, Ruby COMMITTEE
2 Tapia, Ma. Melanie M. 107 Dela Cruz, April P. 1 Dela Peña, Benjie C.
3 Caspe, Lolita J. 108 Lazaro,Caroline 2 Gesmundo, Jerome
4 Sonet, Joana Marie D. 109 Talipe, Michaella 3 Maranan, Gemela
5 Fenomeno, Andrea C. 110 Ferrer, Jella Ace B. 4 Mercado, Jessa Kate
6 Villuga, Roniver A. 111 Butihan, Justina 5 Parena, Mark
7 Lapat, Catherine 112 Maningas, Milcah 6 Escandor, Adrian
8 Dela cruz, Mark Lorenzo A. 113 Pamintuan, Esperanza Marie M. 7 Navarro, Prince Manuel
9 Marquez, Avheyene M. 114 Suarez, Marrey Bett G. 8 Garcia, Jose Mari
10 Sabuito, Jocelle N. 115 Joaquin, Marquez Matthew A. 9 Segovia, Marishelle
11 Santiago, Minette 116 Alcaraz, Flor Maris Andrea 10 Gelsano, Angelica
12 Pascual, Karen G. 117 Cruz, Marion Louis E. 11 Paras, Syresh
13 Escala, Mary Joy S. 118 Santiago, Brian Louie G. 12 David, Diana
14 Ramos, Pearly Faith T. 119 Inocencio, Lawrence Joy E. 13 Lambuson, Julie Ann
15 Buizon, Jericho G. 120 Ang, Ciden-ciden A. 14 Tabogoc, Jessica
16 Miranda, Anthony 121 Yalong, Rica Mae M. 15 Figueroa, Jezareel
17 Masualvo, Estelito C. 122 Dela Cruz, Rhonadel V. 16 Bernabe, Shiela
18 Dela cruz, Angelica M. 123 Yoshida, Mina A. 17 Isagunde, Armand Joseph
19 Daquiz, Mary Grace A. 124 Reyes, Jellie Mae DC. 18 Bengco, Francesca Mae
20 De Guzman, Cathrine Anne 125 Reyes, Ednalyn M. 19 Marcelo, Edward
21 Juan, Mikee Angela C. 126 Clacio, Joana Rose
22 Santos, China Mae C. 127 Bautista, Vin Mark SEMINAR ADVISER
23 Jaquias, Mark Lester V. 128 Cruz, Ricca 1 Cruz, Cicero
24 Mesa, Darren C. 129 Del Carmen, Sherlyn
25 Felizardo, Armanne Allyssa M. 130 Dela Cruz, Sherijan Ivan JPMAP ADVISER
26 Jaime, Ciarra Kates D. 131 Abegodia, Rachel D. 1 Bolipata, Elaine Queen
27 Del Valle, Rizza D. 132 Corpuz, Janssen
28 Dimaculangan, Jhon Paul M. 133 Butihan, Evangeline
29 Donggon, Reymel S. 134 Sillar, Ailyn M.
30 Chavez, Philip C. 135 Dela Cruz, Michelle A.
31 Matavilla, Alyssa G. 136 Capili, Cherry Mae
32 Claros, Coleena Rose l. 137 Antonio, Camille L.
33 Dela Cruz, John Patrick 138 Rivera, Mikko
34 Noga, Jasmin G. 139 Ortega, Chiena Ghen
35 Tan, Jamaeca Jean D. 140 Sto. Domingo, Adrian
36 Retubado, Rejhienaldynne 141 Diestro, Mabell M.
37 Hipolito, Larry Jr. G. 142 Perez, Shiena Mae G.
38 Galit, Ann Shirly G. 143 Andres, Ina Patricia
39 Garcia, Mayette M. 144 Abarquez, Ron Aldrin
40 Pangulayan, Lalaine D. 145 Bayoca, Jophet
41 Manabat, Rubie Jenn 146 Estoce, Jasmine Hazel
42 Caraang, Nicole Ann 147 Eustaquio, Jeffrey
43 Dela Cruz, Trishia Mae C. 148 Rosales, Mia Rose
44 Geronimo, Jeremiah John J. 149 Sarmiento, Juvilyn
45 Dionisio, Rozalie M. 150 Reyes, Cesar Ivan S.
46 Andres, Rose Lyn C. 151 Navarro, Jaymie P.
47 Carreon, Paul Bernard C. 152 Manez, Joseph S.
48 Manzano, Jamaica P. 153 Cayetano, John Billie M.
49 Agustin, Maria Rachelle P. 154 Baltazar, Jiane Keith S.
50 Bernardo, Ryan Emol 155 Ignacio, Maurine
51 Reyes, Amielle Justine G. 156 Cruz, Veronica Grace
52 Dela Rosa, Norain 157 Salvador, Edmark
53 Jangas, Tricia Micah S. 158 Tinaliga, Edison
54 Alpino, Monina Alison M. 159 Borja, Gilberto
55 Francisco, Allaine Geraldine N. 160 Jerusalem, Micah Ezra
56 Roxas, Jomarlyn Bernadette 161 De Guzman, Diether J.
57 Nicolas, Cheeny Riza 162 Patawaran, Lloyd Aeron L.
58 Cundangan, John Benedick G. 163 Monicit, Raymond John S.
59 Magbitang, Joey Marie 164 Mendoza, Jaquelyn
60 Manzanero, Leslie B. 165 Roxas, Moises
61 Santos, Dariella Raiza 166 Fontanilla, Maria Ellaine
62 Carillo, Andrea May A. 167 Raymundo, Yasmin Rose
63 Dela Peña, Shiela 168 Manayon, Jamaecha M.
64 Sarino, Daria 169 Fernandez, Edjane
65 Tapia, Marivic 170 Cabate, Dexter D.
66 Domingo, Ariza 171 Pineda, John Cristian
67 Aplam, Real Rachell A. 172 Alvin
68 Nocos, Grace Ann M. 173 Rosemarie
69 Samonte, Angelika R. 174 Cedric
70 Magallanes, Tricia Mae 175 Aries
71 Rama, Zaira Marie 176 Jaimie
72 Celestino, Krizha 177 Reyes, Niña Sarah C.
73 Gusi, Alexis 178 Manzano, John Michael
74 Mendoza, Via 179 Despi, Julie Ann B.
75 Cabrera, Dariella 180 Sabum, Junnellyn Mae
76 Alayan, Rea Joyce 181 Gelasan, Jessa Mae G.
77 Talan, Alessandra Nicole 182 Euson, Rina R.
78 Villanueva, Nicole 183 Sambo, Anna Kris
79 Enriquez, Maria Kaye P. 184 Sucayre, Kristine Joy
80 Santos, Jodie Ann 185 Bartolome, Arvie Jay
81 Mendoza, Kerlyn Jen S. 186 Gulapa, Elaine R.
82 Dejucos, Marinel G. 187 Nolasco, Judy Ann A.
83 Paglinawan, Gene Grace 188 Jomelle, Taroy
84 Komatsu, Manabu G. 189 Fulgencio, Maricris
85 Luarez, Ginalyn C. 190 Alcaraz, Anne Janette
86 Espinoza, Angelica 191 Victorio, Maricar
87 Cruz, Marry 192 Mostejo, Kathleen Joy D.
88 Enriquez, Jhon Reign Lew G. 193 Legazpi, Mariel D.
89 Jatico, Anjellin 194 Felizardo, Einnel Rose C.
90 Dela Cruz, Mark Anthony 195 Juarez, Jieca Mae S.
91 Macalanag, Michelle B. 196 Dilan, Judilyn G.
92 Rafols, Von John E. 197 Majabague, Rhea Corin C.
93 Dela Peña, Leslie N. 198 Navarro, Joyce Ann P.
94 Bajaro, Maylen H. 199 Almo, Aljim S.
95 Oraye, Kristel Ann I. 200 Esmirel, Ana
96 Monicit, Aira Mae S. 201 Custodio, Jhezza Mae
97 Lazaro, Rosemarie B. 202 Rivera, Jescel Joy
98 Flores, Rissa D. 203 De Jesus, Maria  Erica
99 Haya, Colleen A. 204 Andrade, Erika
100 Nolasco, Carmela 205 De Guzman, Josua
101 Dela Cruz, Gerwin 206 Cambronero, Jeany Rose
102 Fabian, Ericka Mae 207 Gonzales, Shaila
103 Dela Cruz, Mario 208 Moral, Julius Leo
104 Salonga, Maria Noreen 209 Galsim, Alizel M.
105 Sy, Jaymee 210 Donato, Alvin



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