Asia’s Most Exclusive 2017 New Year’s Event.

Boracay Elite Lifestyle Magazine To Debut Asia’s Official Countdown to 2017!

Kareem Jackson & PH MAG LIVE! ON THE SET At Asia’s Most Exclusive New Year’s Eve Event.  The All-New BORACAY ELITE Lifestyle Magazine Ambra Gutiérrez Kama Beach Club Exclusive International Cover Debut.

The Philippines Magazine International & PH MAG ON-LINE LIVE! ON THE SET

2017 Kama Beach Club NEW YEAR’S EVE Countdown Asia’s Most-Exclusive Event!  Hosted by DOM PÉRIGNON and Kama Beach Club Boracay, the US Publishers of The Philippines Magazine, will be in the Philippines at Kama Beach Club Boracay; the on-location site of the cover shoot, to debut their Ambra Gutiérrez Boracay Elite Lifestyle Cover at Asia’s most-exclusive new year’s eve event.

The publisher’s will gain exclusive, celebrity full-access to the amazing and elite lifestyle at Boracay’s best kept secret:  Kama Beach Club for a Best of Boracay Lifestyle multi-page, feature spread to be launched in the premier edition of the magazine.   (#BoracaysBestKeptSecret)

Hosted by Dom Perignon, the private event will be attended by some of the world’s most beautiful models, celebrities and elite personalities flying-in, yachting-over and helicopter-landing into the most-unique showcase ever hosted on Boracay Island.  For the first time ever, Boracay Elite Lifestyle Magazine publisher’s will have full-access and take fans up-close and personal along with them at Asia’s most exclusive events.

The Event:

Introducing Kama Beach Club:

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