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Donald J. Trump | True-American Racism Exposed Globally

Donald J. Trump | True-American Racism Exposed Globally

Donald J. Trump Exposes True American Racism to the World

Around the world, more and more countries are becoming appalled at the rhetoric of the US Presidential Candidate Donald Trump.  Millions of citizens, celebrities, TV Show Hosts, Mayors and even Presidents, have spoken-up in regards to the ridiculousness of the current political affairs of America.

For black Americans, this situation has always been the case.  In addition, for women, gays, the disabled and ‘immigrants’ human-equal-rights ushered in even after it did for trail-blazing black Americans.

America had no idea the economic shift freeing the slaves, and the subsequent access blacks would achieve in the decades since then.  Martin Luther King had a dream; or so the world thought.  The reality is, in the recent US Census, black and minority America earns,invests and spends more money than most-countries.  They are the world’s largest consumer market –second only after the United States itself.

Imagine, that when Levis Strauss & Company sold their first pair of jeans to US coal miners, when Jack Daniels illegally began what is now a billion dollar enterprise, when it was illegal for blacks to meet in public places, or learn to read and write in America, while CITI Group was insuring blacks as property, and Donald Trump’s grandparents invested in their first real estate deal, blacks in America were ‘considered’ worth less than a white human.

Now, many blacks in American have bought their freedom, and the freedom of their families, learned to survive off of the plantation, to read, write and are now millionaires, billionaires, athletic record holders, inventors, celebrities and a US President.

Donald Trump is correct.  He (Donald Trump and his family) is not believed by blacks and minorities in America to have ‘intentionally’ exposed American racism.  Trump is largely viewed by minority America as a victim of his own political-success.

In the Trump paradigm, “Make America Great Again” would mean a renaissance of old America status quo -socially.  Truthfully, a time in American history when 1-single income could feed the average-American family, tycoons and industrialist held the power and blacks were the base-line, not the top-line of the US economy.

Now, America competes with the entire world, the American job market is more sophisticated, black and minority success has raised the economic bar and the most-popular American people/achievements are now minority-based.  From colored restrooms and water fountains, blacks own and are served in all of America’s finest establishments, not backdoor, domestic helpers –or slaves.  Blacks and other minorities own homes and businesses in America’s top real estate havens, they are no longer working in the fields.

America has changed, and has experienced one of the world’s largest-transfers of wealth, comparable to the stories of Moses freeing his people in the bible.

Literally, trillions of dollars annually, created and/or diverted from what use-to-be set-aside for white men and their families pockets.

The 4 million slaves freed by President Lincoln, have now become 20 million jobs, investments and opportunities lost by the W.A.S.P. –such as Donald Trump.

Historically, Trump will not win this election. The Republican Party, would need to win first, and, true-American lifestyle loving voters will surprise the world again, just as they did with the election and subsequent re-election of the first black American President.  This is the first time in recent American history, where a Republican candidate –did not- go directly for the black and minority vote; instead Trump has aimed his focus on disgruntled poor and middle-class white America.

Historically, a woman has followed the black trailblazer, which would position Hilary Clinton as the next American President.

The supporters of Trump are the same people who are generally members of the US Republican Party, but, are usually not seen–nor heard.  Many American’s are surprised to see ‘Trump supporters’ among them –just as it would be in the 50’s to find out that your neighbor was a member of the KKK or a communist party.

Trump, being a self-funding, billionaire, has awarded him huge amounts of free media publicity for his brazenly arrogant rants; truths which are a reality for him.  In all honesty, at the same age, Donald Trump’s grandfather would never have had to endure looking over at fellow billionaire, slave-granddaughter, Oprah Winfrey eating fried chicken, and cobb salad with lemon iced tea at the country club, share the golf range with Tiger Woods,  and The Donald himself would never have been roasted by someone like rapper Snoop Dogg on national television, or even a black US President at an official White House event.

Now, white Americans, cannot go many places where blacks and other minorities have not penetrated.  It is disheartening and induces fear within millions of Americans.

Recent American salary history:“Charles Henry ‘Chuck’ Cooper (lived September 29, 1926 – February 5, 1984) was an American professional basketball player. He and two others, Nat ‘Sweet water’ Clifton and Earl Lloyd, became the first African American players in the NBA in 1950.Cooper was also the first African-American to be drafted by an NBA team, as the second pick of the second round by the Boston Celtics.”–Wikipedia

In the past 66-years, white players in America have lost an entire industry at a time when NBA players earn more money than ever before in history.  Michael Jordan earned around $33 million in just 1-season, and Kobe Bryant has reached $30 million.  Larry Bird, never earned more than $15million is a season from the NBA, and it is a long way from the $4,000 –a year earned by black NBA players in the 1950’s.

Job loss and wealth transference since the 50’s is mind-boggling to many Trump supporters.  Understandably so;since blacks earned their freedom, US ‘jobs’ fromTV Show Hosts, Academy Awards Host, The Olympics and the position of US President have all been lost to blacks and other minorities.  Now, outsourcing has created millions of jobs abroad; largely in India, Mexico, China and the Philippines.

In addition, the US mass-incarceration has backfired for The Reagan Administration, the US has scaling prison costs, has created a massive incarceration industry they are contracted to sustain and many ‘ex-convicts’ are actually achieving success post-incarceration.  Recently, black-American President Obama released thousands of inmates who were unfairly sentenced –more evidence of the racism in the US.  

Dixon White, has gone public with the reality of White Supremacy in America, and his videos have gone viral.  His following, of guilty-conscious whites, are evidence of the opposing views of whites in the US.  See his videos:

A white racist who loves America:

Why whites fear blacks:

“Yes…we have a long way yet to go, but, for black American’s it is better now than ever in the history of this country for us.  As a culture…a people, we are richer and more powerful now than ever before.  We appreciate the awareness, the hype and the global conversations which the internet and social media has given us today.  However, just imagine how it was for our grandparents, and their parents before them.  Imagine, how far we have come since this type of openly racist, rally-style politics against wash used against us.  But, now is not just blacks, it includes women, Mexicans, Muslims, immigrants, and Democrats at-large.  Welcome to the club.” –Kareem Jackson, a multiple award-winning writer and publisher, who received a US Government Resolution for his literary contributions to Minority America, Principle at KA&CO International Business Development Group, The Philippines American International Lifestyle Ambassador and US Exec. Publisher of Minority Success America Magazine and The Philippines Magazine International.

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