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DUTERTE… PINOY PRIDE IS BACK! 6-Predictions of the New DUTERTE Administration The SONA That Shocked The World.


6-Predictions of the New

DUTERTE Administration

The SONA That Shocked The World.

In spite of the crack-down, murderous enforcement of his anti-drug campaign which has affected poor addicts, drug dealers, war lords and even city mayors alike.  Specifically, American residents, investors, and the media praise what he has accomplished in less than a month.  The American Press Service Futurists Make 6-Predictions of the New DUTERTE Administration.

President Duterte’s State of the Nation Address (SONA)left the US Media, The American Press Service analyst in the Philippines in amazed and impressed with his right-on SONA.

President Duterte SONA 2016 US Media Highlights & Bullets:

“President Duterte is obviously elected for the people; by the people.  It’s a beautiful thing to see actually.  The humble, passionate, down-to-earth Filipino pride and hospitality that we –and the world- have grown to love and adore… seems to be back”–Kareem Jackson, The American Press Service

6-Predictions of the New

DUTERTE Administration

  1. Americans Are Going To Love The New Philippines: From huge reforms in traffic, public transportation, eases in business restraints, a more educated public and healthcare for all Filipinos, the Western investor-minded expats are already praising the new President.  From condominium investments, business partnerships, to media support, corruption, has been the single-largest deterrent from what’s believed as a 50% surge in investment and tourism revenues, sparked by domestic and global-confidence and security.
  1. An Eye-Opening, Un-Predictable & The People-Centric Administration: Duterte included all Filipino’s and unlike the previous administrations, this event left everyone, in the world; as well as those in attendance, not knowing what to expect.
  1. Massive Positive Countrywide & Global Branding: For ‘Nationals and US Media’ members, they wondered about Duterte’s foreign policy, investments, immigration reform and ease of processing, law enforcement reform, growing the lower and middle-classes (as most foreign-businesses deal with this larger demographic in the Philippines), tourism reform and renewed relationships with The American Press & Media Services.
  1. A More Inclusive Philippines: Whereas, ‘The People’ waited to see the real-change; for example: no longer was the SONA Event a fashion show, exclusivity and elitism was replaced with Duterte’s hospitality and inclusion. ‘The People’ were anxious for answers to the drug epidemic in the Philippines; much similar to the ‘crack cocaine epidemic’ a few decades ago.

‘The People’ also were anxious about fund allocation: as it will positive affect them with health care, urban/provincial development and renewals, as well as, the Pinoy pride which the Philippines 16th President, Duterte would inherently usher-in as the country’s first self-made, province-born and raised, Bisaya-descendant President -also the first from Mindanao, Visayas Region, the real-historical Filipino people- according to history.

The impact of the morale in the Philippines is massive and much like that which took place in 2008 when America elected its first black American President Obama.

  1. The Largest Wealth Transfer Since People Power. Subsequently, ‘The Powers That Be’ in the Philippines were patiently awaiting his ideals on corruption, pork barrels, fund allocation and loyalty to historical deals. Duterte repeatedly reminds ‘them’ to stop ‘whatever’ they are doing now…today.

“We cannot move forward… if we allow the past to pull us back… finger-pointing is not the way… I will not… dwell on the past and those… perceived to be responsible for this mess… we are suffering from… we must be prepared for the future… those who betrayed ‘The Peoples’ trust will have their day in court… and reckoning… I heard the ‘The People’ on the streets… it was and still is very sad indeed.  [I will] Wage war on those who have a mockery of our laws… I ask for our people… courage knows no limits… cowards does …you [the government] have concerns -you…separation between church and state… never a separation between God and state.  I said… the fight against criminality… illegal drugs… and –corruption- will be relentless –and sustained- I re-commit today.  We will not stop until the last drug lord… financier… pusher is behind bars… or below the ground… police officers and other officials… do your job… abuse your authority and there will be hell to pay… worse than criminality itself.  ”–President Duterte, Opening Statement.

The Opening Statement that shocked the world.  It came after one of the history’s most-humble bows, slightly informal recognition for Mindanao and respectful address to former Presidents, foreign diplomats and high-rankers; as well as, government workers and countrymen at-large.

“[the widows and the orphans of fallen soldiers] I feel their pain and grief…let us end the centuries… and decades or skirmishes.  We are going now here… and it is getting bloodier by the day… Peace Talks… I announce… a unilateral cease fire… effective immediately.  If we cannot…love one another… let us not hate each other… PERMANENT AND LASTING PEACE…that is my dream.”–President Duterte, Opening Statement.

“Tax Reform… foster investor and job creation… we will lower personal and corporate income tax… [applause and cheers] relax The Bank Secrecy Law… jobs suitable for the poor and less skilled work force… competitiveness and ease of doing business will be mandatory… investment in… manufacturing, agriculture and tourism shall be pursued.  ‘The [implementation of] Responsible Parenthood & Reproductive Health Law’ must be put into full-effect… informed choice.  Tourism… access… roads, tourist sites.  Accelerate infrastructure spending… inter-island linkage projects… my God it will be done… immediately.  […scolding the government members on concerns of his aggressive extraction of delays and corruption methods.] I assure you this will be a clean government. [applause]  ”–President Duterte, Opening Statement.

  1. An American & International Economic Boom.With more than 500,000 American residents and millions of tourists, investors, plus of expats from around the world, Duterte was a breath of fresh air. The overall view of the Philippines by expats –especially investor-minded ones- is that the country IS NOT A 3RDWORLD COUNTRY at all; which technically is a gross falsehood –against the working-class Filipino- perpetuated by corruption which miss-allocates trillions of pesos –and dollars- away from infrastructure, education, public welfare and tourism development; the backbones of any 2nd and 1st world country.  For example Hawaii and Puerto Rico are Western Havens and considered 2nd world; while the Philippines –though more a developed and robust- economy is not seen as 2nd world –yet.  Duterte vowed to boost entrepreneurship, localized infrastructure, healthcare, passports and immigration redtape.

Third World Countries classified by various indices: their Political Rights and Civil Liberties, the Gross National Income (GNI) and Poverty of countries, the Human Development of countries (HDI), and the Freedom of Information within a country. –Source: Nations 

“Congestion [traffic]… trains tickets [Tagalog] shall be readily available at [accredited] malls, stalls, stores… increase the trains… extended until 10:30pm… Fishermen’s complaint’s about losses… by pollution… fisherman have priority…. we will suspend or revoke permits… waste energy facilities will be explored… create The Peoples Broadcasting Corporation replacing PTV4…replicate international government broadcasting networks… [TV also radio stations]… to observe editorial independence…. elevated programs… develop national and international signification.  Radyo Ng Bayan to act independent… integrated with PBC…put-up broadcast hubs in Visayas and Mindanao [regions]… and, the first Muslim channel… Freedom of Information as Executive Power…  Tasks Force on Media Killings… this government does not condone violence and oppression of media… I ask Congress [YOU!]… whistle-blower protection law… in Layte… Mindanao was Islam [Muslim] by 100 years… it was done an injustice… we must fix-it… mixed-blood ako… Philippine Passports validity lengthened from 5-years to 10-years…. August 15, 3pm [PST]… for those [The People] who have valid reason to complain about graft and corruption the gates of Malacanang Palace will be open.  I have ordered streamline passport applications… satellite sites… national broadband plan… implemented to improve internet speed… [free] Wi-Fi access selected public places… at parks, libraries, schools, train stations, airports and seaport, diba [right]?!  We shall increase our war on human traffickers.  Make use of the computer [stated 4 times.  Squatter life… need Meralco [Philippines electricity company] … make social and corporate responsibilities… we have to make the adjustments… these people [the poor squatter areas] are not in a position to do it… we have to meet the needs of t ‘The People’… as long as I am President… no demolitions without relocations.  We need to industrialize…we need the power… universal health insurance for all Filipinos…increase in educational spending…vows to protect women’s rights… human rights… [Lumad Tribe of Mindanao Indigenous Filipinos] you have The Indigenous Rights Act…to assist and protect you…make use of your ancestral domain… Since July 1 [2016] we already have made 3,600 drug related arrest… 120,000 drug-dependents [addicts] have surrendered… 70,000 of them are pushers.” –President Duterte, Opening Statement. 

In his closing, President Duterte one again directly addressed ‘The People’ in an unapologetic statement to the future of the country.

“Difficult times are in the past… we have to help each other… then and only then can we truly prevail… The Filipino… shall rise… reflect a passion [The Filipino People]that can change this land.  Maraming Salamat [Thank You Very Much]”–President Duterte, Opening Statement.


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