FILIPINO FARMERS LOVE DUTERTE Ferrer Fruit Wholesalers & Retailers of Baguio City Give Simple Insights into the New Administration –and what it really means to ‘The People’.


Ferrer Fruit Wholesalers & Retailers of Baguio CityGive Simple Insights into the New Administration–and what it really means to ‘The People’.

Joseph Sotio Ferrer‎ pic 1 vegetable stand in Baguio 32Joseph Sotio Ferrer‎ pic 1 vegetable stand in Baguio 23Joseph Sotio Ferrer‎ pic 1 vegetable stand in Baguio 25

Baguio City, Philippines | In a rare, outside Metro Manila, interview with The American Press Service [T.A.P.S.] who sat down with a young Filipino affiliate, IT Grad and entrepreneur:
Joseph Sotio Ferrer‎ pic 1 vegetable stand in Baguio 28Joseph Sotio Ferrer‎ pic 1 vegetable stand in Baguio 19
3rd generation Filipino fruit and vegetable farmer in Baguio City, Philippines; Joseph Sotio-Ferrer (of Ferrer Fruit Wholesalers & Retailers of Baguio City, PH).  Ferrer gives real-life, eye-opening insights into what the new, ground-breaking, trail-blazer Duterte Administration means to ‘The –Regular-People’ of the Philippines.

“Much like President Obama was the first black in America to be in your Oval Office, he and his family inspired millions of blacks and minority American’s to achieve their dreams –because it-is possible.”-Joseph Sotio-Ferrer

As may also be with Hillary Clinton; as the first female US President (something already achieved multiple times in the Philippines), Clinton, as a woman, and from middle-class American roots, will further inspire ‘The American People’ and subsequently restore the world’s faith that ‘The American Dream’ is still alive.

Duterte broke-down barriers and synergized diverse, seemingly-rival ethnic groups in the Philippines.  Beginning with his Bisaya-roots, humble beginnings, outside-the-box, un-apologetic personality, anti-aristocrat and anti-corruption stances, Duterte has hit the ground running in the Philippines.
Joseph Sotio Ferrer‎ pic 1 vegetable stand in Baguio 1 Joseph Sotio Ferrer‎ pic 1 vegetable stand in Baguio 20Joseph Sotio Ferrer‎ pic 1 vegetable stand in Baguio 24Joseph Sotio Ferrer‎ pic 1 vegetable stand in Baguio 22

Not to mention, Duterte has addressed the tri-fecta of Catholicism, Christianity and Muslims in the country in a unifying, yet absolute way.  “…you [the government] have concerns -you…separation between church and state…never a separation between God and state.” –President Duterte, 2016 SONA Opening Statement.

Duterte, whether you like it, or not, represents ‘The People’ and it was flexed in his landslide overnight domination of the campaign and subsequent 2016 Philippines Presidential Election victory.

US Media went outside the big city; where Duterte did not get the mass of his votes, but, to the provinces, shanties and to the farmers who traveled hours upon hours, supported him on Facebook, took off of their jobs and businesses (at their loss) and stood in lines for hours to cast their votes for Duterte.Joseph Sotio Ferrer‎ pic 1 vegetable stand in Baguio 9

Here is one of those US Media Philippines Post-Election Tour Interviews with Mr. -Joseph Sotio-Ferrer (of Ferrer Fruit Wholesalers & Retailers of Baguio City, PH)  hereinafter “JOSH FARMER”:  Baguio City, Philippines, Farm.

T.A.P.S. –Hello Josh…thanks for taking the time from your work to talk to us…I will get right to it.  You have already expressed your support of the new [Philippines] President to us, I can see you are excited…why?

“With a non-corrupt, strong leader we can achieve more and more as a country…not just for the already rich.  Not just in the cities.”-“JOSH FARMER”

T.A.P.S. –is that all?  What about outside of the Philippines?(This answer from a rural Filipino farmer may shock you; for many of us, it is just news, we do not lose any sleep or food from our tables due to it.)

“China is a threat to us…I know fisherman, they are scared to go and find food now, we [The Filipino People] paid that debt…I thought.  We need a President who will be more aggressive and knows how it affects us [the little people].”-“JOSH FARMER”

T.A.P.S. –I see that you, your family and the community has been unified around this election.  What made you all come together now….why not before?(No matter how the mainstream media depicts it, anger, violence and murder IS NOT common in the Philippines, as it is in the West, I was amazed –again- at his in-depth knowledge of things which seem like mere ‘news’ to many of us.)

“The sad death of SAF44 was something that did not need to happen.  It was a bad choice and for us when we loose a parent –especially because of their job- we loose our livelihood.  As my mother was killed along with multiple family members…it devastated our family business, we went into debt, needed to drop-out of school…all while we were grieving.”-“JOSH FARMER”

T.A.P.S. –What do you think of the President first few weeks in office…even before he presented his SONA?

“Already…Duterte has implemented laws [already existing] and began cleaning-up our streets, such as the ‘tambay’ [loiterers] and drug pushers[dope houses] –as well as the users.  He [Duterte] has kept his word to us.”-“JOSH FARMER”

T.A.P.S. –Why weren’t many of these laws enforced before…what has changed?

“Before as a simple farmer, in a simple community, I was surrounded by it, it took ahold of many families in our region –not just our barangays [neighborhoods].  I saw how they were protected…before.”-“JOSH FARMER”

T.A.P.S. –What has Duterte done that is any different from former administrations?

“Duterte as given justice back to ‘The People’ again.”-“JOSH FARMER”

T.A.P.S. –You’ve [the Filipino people] had both men and women here in the Philippines.  What is special about Duterte, as compared to other Presidents? 

“Duterte is of mixed-Bisaya blood and culture, he is self-made and is a simple, down-to-earth man.  I believe, he is a servant to ‘The People’ and does not spend money –our money- on waste.”-“JOSH FARMER”

T.A.P.S. –Josh, please tell us, how do you feel about the hundreds of murders, mass surrenders and incarcerations happening all around the islands?  (His perspective was eye-opening, and not what we expected having also been part of more than 1 year of undercover tours living in the Philippines shanties.)

“Yes. Many criticize the murderous way, syndicates, pushers, corrupt and addicts have been handled…it is truly..…sad…yes.   But, I believe it is better than seeing the innocent continue to die, be robbed, rapped and addicted to illegal drugs by these people. Diba?[Right?] -“JOSH FARMER”

T.A.P.S. –Last question Josh, you can get back to work, thank you for your time again.  Can you tell us how this new Duterte Administration will help you [farmers] directly –if at all?

“I like and appreciate Duterte’s Plan for Farmers: to limit or stop rice importing and to illuminate smugglers-“JOSH FARMER”

Josh is actually well-informed, which surprised The American Press Services:  Josh and the Ferrer Family business/crops are nearly 10 hours outside of ‘The Metro’ –with little to no traffic.  Then, down about a mile into the jungle or bush where there are lush fields of guava, rambutan, dragon fruit, pineapples and other fruits and vegetables which supply the Baguio region; supplying fruits and vegetable to big chains such as SM Markets.

“…jobs suitable for the poor and less skilled work force…competitiveness and ease of doing business will be mandatory…investment in…manufacturing, agriculture and  tourism shall be pursued.  ‘The [implementation of] Responsible Parenthood & Reproductive Health Law’ must be put into full-effect…informed choice.  Tourism…access…roads, tourist sites.  Accelerate infrastructure spending…inter-island linkage projects…my God it will be done…immediately.  […scolding the government members on concerns of his aggressive extraction of delays and corruption methods.] I assure you this will be a clean government. [applause]  ”–President Duterte, Opening Statement.


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