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Press Release GOOGLE SEARCH YOU’RE DELETED pic 1Google announced their new eye-opening, unapologetic search engine and webmaster guidelines, and assured violators of their webmaster guidelines would potentially be completely removed from Google Search completely.

This is being done by Google in order to insure greater experiences by their customers and users.  As web, copy writing and SEO farms around the world, which farm-out copy and SEO in massive quantities; but not necessarily with massive-quality content, flood the market with spam-ish search data, which has drastically diminished the quality of the Google Search Engine Users experience.

“Billions of Google fans searching for high-quality, genuine content for business, school, research, law, literature and entertainment are now bombarded with up to 10 first pages of ‘cyber spam’ before they reach relevant data –in some searches.  Seeing ‘Google Search and Key Words’ as a business has over-leveraged the tool and Google aims to aggressively fix that or face losing business to their search engine competitors.  The value of good, quality content, copy and marketing writers just went through the roof!”

–Kareem Jackson, Principle KA&CO America[see

BORACAY Magazine Top GOOGLE july 18 2016 BThis new enforced-modification aims to raise the bar of virtual staffing websites such as ODesk, also known as Up-work, Fiver and even massive BPO’s in countries such as India and The Philippine Islands where tens-of-thousands of web developers, copywriters and other creatives supply trillions of pages of copy every year; technically using the ‘internet’ and a massive marketing platform to promote their clients.

Millions of websites and content builders merely spin news and celebrity gossip to shadow the user/potential customer into an ecommerce site or marketing situation –not truly a news or media site.  Massive amounts of ‘google search key words’ and SEO-stuffed websites are clouding the cyber-sphere, users are forced to search for ‘the source’ due to the lack of original, true-content delivered; which reflects poorly on Google.

At Google, that’s all changing.  New Google Master Programmers have developed a new algorithm which can identify, omit and/or delete bogus SEO and media.  The new algorithm will enable Google to identify and omit or push-down media in its search engines that is less relevant, multiplied to clog the search and/or is developed by farms.

BORACAY Magazine Top GOOGLE july 18 2016 AThe highlights or red-flags of its mechanics are poorly written websites, copy and media which usually identify as ‘not as relevant’ and may be irritating for their users to read.  Spelling, grammar, as well as quality of writing can now be analyzed by Google.

The burden is now on the –foreign and- American-outsourcing companies and professionals to upgrade their content writing and development to continue to be Googled by the ‘English-speaking’ world.  Foreign companies, news, media and retailers (outside the United States) are now required to upgrade their copy writing and content development in order to rank-high on Google.

Subsequently, as an inherent reward, well-developed websites (not generally the best looking sites), with high-quality content and copy writing will rank ‘Top on Google’ with-in 1-week in some cases: a huge game-changer for on-line marketers and international business development firms which have maintained quality over quantity in the past 20-year globalization bubble.

Random and irrelevant content will be red-flagged, as well as, comment spam, bogus syndicated, affiliate and doorway sites will be potentially deleted for violations to The Google Guidelines.

In addition, in the United States (and some other countries) Google users can ‘delete’ and/or ‘refresh’ their Google Search history back until the beginning of time; which will open Google Search to ‘new’ brands as when Google User Search History is deleted, the Google Search Engine feeds ‘brand new’ opportunities.  Also, it will gain millions of new Google user’s as more Americans and other users around the world realize their new ‘privacy’ settings.

(See the Google Hyper-Link: )

BORACAY Magazine Top GOOGLE july 18 2016 A BORACAY Magazine Top GOOGLE july 18 2016 B

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