Indang Cavite, Philippines | 2015 Philippines Philanthropy Tourism Season Success

Indang Cavite, Philippines |  2015 Philippines Philanthropy Tourism Season Success

The 2015 Philippines Philanthropy Tourism Season Kick-Off “Philanthropy Success” Seminar Brunch:

The exclusive, celebrity neighborhood, Barangay Carasuchi has been voted one of the countries friendliest and cleanest areas, its cool climate, and nearby Taal Volcano, new Sky Ranch and Casino Filipino make it one of the countries most-popular tourists destinations.  The Barangay Carasuchi, is also home to some of the Philippines most-wonderful celebrities, such as Kuh Le Desma, and her sprawling ‘Hacienda Isabella’ as well as, The Rachel Lobangco Family’s ‘The Farm’ though; not just any farm, it’s a gorgeous, resort-style estate,complete with wedding grounds.
Just down the road, is The Richards Family’s, Carasuchi Villa Garden’s.  Carasuchi is known for its mansion-style resort-feel, award-winning Chef created traditional Filipino and international menu, plus an amazing full-wedding cake, cheesecakes and pastries bakery.
As a PH MAG Publisher’s Choice Award-Winner, The Richards Family, will host this years, Philippines Philanthropy Tourism Seminar Brunch, presented by the founder’s of the 3rd Annual Empower 2 Play USA Student Ambassadors Camp AK.
The E2P USA Student Ambassadors, Board Members, as well as, a US film crew will arrive in the Philippines; the 24th of August 2015, and following pick-up at the airport, a brief real-life tour in their private ‘Filipino Jeepney’ and dinner near the Taal Volcano lookout, they will be welcomed at Carasuchi Villa.  
The Philippines ‘Philanthropy Success’ Tourism Seminar will be conducted by USA E2P Board Member and Program Director, Jason Singleton, who will be hosted by E2P, in the Philippines from, Boston, USA.  Singleton, is a strong mentor, who specializes in curriculum and program development. He is able to articulate the vision and mission of The PH Philanthropy Season, as well as put the systems in place to guarantee its success to completion.  
The Philippines ‘Philanthropy Success’ Tourism Seminar is the kick-off of the The Philippines Magazine International’s Philippines 2015 Philanthropy Tourism Season.  
The Philanthropy Success Seminar is designed to prepare and inspire the American philanthropists who attend from abroad, for the culture-shock and inherent emotional struggles which they will experience during the 2015 E2P Camp AK Philippines.  
In addition to event preparation, site-visits and their real-Philippines lifestyle immersion, they will hosts more than 300 underprivileged children, students and their families (in their own-rural-neighborhoods)teach American football, empower nearly 100 local volunteers and small-business-entrepreneurs, prepare and distribute more than 2,500 snacks and meals, award up to 10 Achieve Success Scholars, distribute prizes and pick the 2015 Camp AK Champions -all in 48-hours before they fly back to the United States.  
For many Westerners, the impact of Philanthropy Tourism Season in the Philippines is both, powerful and emotional.  One of its Founder’s, Coach AK Ikwuakor, a strong, highly-competitive, USA Olympic hopeful, and fitness coach, was so touched after the first camp in 2011, that he broke-down into tears.  Ikwuakor told the US Media, “I too, came from humble beginnings, was coached and saved by many mentors throughout my childhood.  I was going down the wrong path…the bad path.  It is so overwhelming to be able to help so many.  I never thought I could give-back in such an empowering way.  I will miss this experience.”  
This year is special.  Pending Board approval, The US Media will film a series of short-documentary films, trailers and video blogs.  An American film team will join them all-along the journey from the US to the Philippines.  As well, The American Press Service, which is already in the Philippines preparing, will be documenting the preparation, excitement of the children, the local community and ride-along with US Executive Publisher and E2P Camp AK Co-Founder, Kareem Antonio-Jackson.  
The group will also publish a Limited Special Edition Philanthropists & Student Magazine:  Achieve Success.  The internationally-distributed, complimentary magazine will feature former US NFL Player Anthony Trucks, who will give his insights on: 5 Ways To Achieve Philanthropic Success; as part of the magazines Celebrities Giving-Back Expose.  Trucks will also be in the Philippines for The 2015 PH Philanthropy Tourism Season and Camp AK, and will attend the Carasuchi seminar.  Meet Anthony early at: (
Their 3-pronged approach; film media, interactive-events and print media is designed to bring awareness to the Philanthropic community and to empower more ‘regular people’ to become Philanthropists.  “The power of giving, or Philanthropy, is just as life-changing for the ‘giver’ as it is for the ‘beneficiary’ which is something most people miss.  There are many ways anyone can be a Philanthropists and it could change their lives.  Philanthropy is not exclusive to the rich, nor is it solely their responsibility to aid those in need.  We all can be a small, but significant part of it (philanthropy).” Kareem expresses in a PH-based radio interview (YouTube:, as well as part of his ‘True-Philippines Lifestyle Series: 10 Ways You Can Be A Philanthropist -NOW!’ feature in PH MAG International and subsequent video blog:  (YouTube:
Though the event is semi-private, everyone is welcomed to attend Seminar Brunch Day.  
The PH Philanthropy Success Seminar is:  Tuesday, 24 August 2015, at Carasuchi Villa One, 11am PST.
(Non-Empower 2 Play Members can donate just $25/P1,000 includes full-brunch and seminar.  As well as, use of facilities and enjoy a meet-n-greet with the USA Student Ambassadors, Anthony Trucks, AK Ikwuakor, and US Media Members after)
For Inquiries or to Volunteer visit:
PH Residents May Text PH Globe#: 0917.794.0213
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