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After the dust settled, from desegregation, then, what was falsely deemed ‘The US Recession’ of the past 2 decadeshas ended; in actuality, it has and continues to be the largest transfer of wealth –education and power- in modern world-history; and Americans stand utterly divided.

Fact, the million upon millions of Donald J. Trump for US President supporters; though highly-criticized, are 100% correct and righteous in their rhetoric and perspectives.

What mainstream US-Media misses in their perspectives, is that Trump is an ‘American Underdog’ and he too, has lost much of his wealth to ‘minorities’ and the global markets –just as did many of his supporters to scale.

Black Americans alone; not including more than 1,000 other minority groups, such as gays, women, Latinos, Asians, disabled or American Indians, represent trillions of dollars in annual buying power.

In US Census Data, any and all ‘minority-buying-power’ amounts to a Trump supporter represents ‘loss revenues and incomes’ since conversely, blacks we slaves, could not vote, sue and were not paid.

In addition, millions of major US positions; i.e. The US President, US Secretary of State, 95% of NBA, NFL, top TV, Music, production, formerly whites-only US sports, and even super heroesare now, all held by decedents of former black American slaves and/or other minorities.

To make it worse, just 25-years ago in America, a gallon of gasoline was around 99 cents…now the same gallon will cost over $5.   Many jobs and industries of yesterday actually pay and return-less (ROI), or are phased out completely.  Such as mining, factory work and US real estate.

New ‘minority-centric’ jobs are flooding the US market and leaving millions of the American working-class behind: in skills and adaptability –such as Trump and his supporters.

Globally recognized racist and womanizer, adored by Russia and threatened to a fist fight by President Duterte of the Philippines; has risen to power and the potential United StatesPresidency as what the world sees as America’s “Last Great White Hope.”

While most-American’s ignorantly ultra-focus internally, and not globally, they fall for the same uprising which has affected them for centuries.  The one downside of the States is racism.  However, as shown by the President of Russia, with his affection for Trump, this election is the last election of a dying Global Era.

“The Last Great White Hope” represents a take-over of the last global office which white males have controlled.  The last pride of W.A.S.P. males in the United States.  As ‘racist’ or ‘white supremacists’ seemingly come out in the open in support of Donald Trump for US President, against the (female) minority nominee Hillary Clinton, the world stands in aw as they witness what seems to be –hopefully- the final racist stand in America which is now 90% minority.

Fact:  Blacks are doing better now, than ever before in American history.  Bringing with them, blacks in American paved the road to American success with their blood and dead bodies, for every other minority and immigrant there now.  The world sees the powerful black protests, but fail to realize, without black insistence on equality, no minority would have advanced –even women’s rights followed blacks in American.  History will prove true once again, when/if Hillary Clinton, wins the Presidency.

In comparison, the utterly obvious personal qualities between President Obama (black), Hillary Clinton (female) and Donald Trump (white male), shows the reality of ‘job’ discrimination in America.

Obama is far more ‘qualified’ than Trump, and he is held to a higher standard, Hillary, has been grooming for the position for more than 3 decades.  While Trump (the white man) has multiple bankruptcies, divorces, questionable affiliations, health, as well as has multiple lawsuits, investigations and has been caught; and admitted to, pushing scams and bribing politicians.  Black men in American spend life in jail/prison for fewer discrepancies.

Also, blacks in America are required to have more transparency just to purchase a car, or a home and to work in America as a custodian in a US government building –not to mention The White House.

In addition, while black Americans waste their time and remain distracted by the US racism issues –which have been happening for centuries, they also miss the huge inherent esteem of being the first ‘minority’ to win the US Presidency.  Of all the nationalities in the United States, blacks (and a white female mother) did it!

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    October 31, 2016 at 10:04 pm

    Thank you, nice read.

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