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New Boracay Lifestyle Magazine Showcases Their Controversial 100 Best People, Places & Things List| American Publishers Go Under-Cover In Boracay Island, Philippines | The American Press Service (T.A.P.S.)

New Boracay Lifestyle Magazine Showcases Their Controversial 100 Best People, Places & Things List| American Publishers Go Under-Cover In Boracay Island, Philippines |The American Press Service (T.A.P.S.)

Scott Weisman Kama Beach Club 5A     For the 2016 Philippines tourism season, American tourism and lifestyle publishers aim their scopes at the popular, rapidly expanding foreigner, expat, retiree and Balik bayan markets which look beyond vacation locales, get-a-ways and party spots; to a new,more long-term, lifestyle-oriented experience in the Philippines.  Specifically foreign residency, professional services, lifestyle and investments:  The Power of 50-Times Earnings makes the islands quite attractive.

More and more Americans, Balikbayans and other foreigners are looking to the Philippines for much more than an affordable vacation or inexpensive retirement option.   With the boom in the relatively new Philippines tourism and business markets; due to its tropical climate, eager workforce, top English-speaking rankings, tranquil and non-discrimination culture, millions of expats and Balikbayans (tourists, residents and off-shore investors alike) are looking for investments and welcomed lifestyle changes offered by the Philippines.

PH DOT Pie Graph 1BORACAY ISLAND, is located in the Malay, Aklan Province, and was originally home to the Philippines historical Ati people.  Now, with a world-class golf course, more than 2,000 hotel and resort rooms, and hundreds of restaurants, bars and even a Mc Donald’s right on the beach, the island tops the list of most-popular destinations out of more than 7,000 islands.

Yet and still, relatively under-developed, the popular island remains a prime-locale for savvy, more-resident tourist-minded investors.  As a ‘tourists destination’ to nearly 2 million arrivals per year, averaging more than 2,000 tourists per day, or around 65,000 per month, (according to the PH DOT) Boracay Island has seemingly-reached a peak.  However, futurists believe, tourism will Boom again once the island is even further developed.

This new opportunity is most-alluring to new large and micro-investors from the West who are looking for the next-big-thing –outside the hustle and bustle of Manila investments.  Much like early California or Hawaii, Boracay Island is on the verge of larger off-beach development period, which could double tourism, as well as offer a steady market of beach-loving ‘foreign, as well as local and seasonal’ residents. (see the demographic pic chart above via PH DOT)Scott Weisman Ambra B Gutierrez 1

The New BORACAY Lifestyle Limited Special Edition Magazine
features Cover Girl AmbraGutierrez, (shown here)shot on-location by DIX Perez at their Publishers Boracay 100: Best People, Places & Things Top Pick, Boracay Island’s unique Kama Beach Club. 

Kama Beach Club,caters to celebrities, producers,models, entrepreneurs, writers, music video, magazine a TV creators who prefer to maintain long-term membership to an exclusive “Beach Front Country Club” –style venue.

Scott Weisman Kama with Louis Carreon 1 Scott Weisman Kama Beach Club 8A
A trailblazer in the Philippines leisure industry, the Kama group has tapped an exciting and relatively new market of expanding long-term tourists, retirees, young entrepreneurs and creatives who would like to enjoy the allure of a ‘country club’ back home; without the rolling greens and bustling golf carts.

The Kama Beach Club is the typical Western-style country, golf or tennis club, however, with a tropical leisure, cinematic concept.  For creatives, Kama Beach Club introduced the Philippines to American (Filipino heritage) artists, Louis Carreon; American graffiti Icon, innovative fashion designer andworld-renowned, global artist from Los Angeles, California, USA.

“My grandfather was from Leyte, I have the islands in my blood.  Boracay Island is one of the most beautiful places on the planet…Kama Beach Clu… is like from a movie!  What a kool place to paint…I’m looking forward to a return visit.”
  -Louis Carreon( )

12744569_962002103866293_4625828520013180742_nThe US Publisher’s and Producers of the Philippines Magazine International Series announced today their new joint-venture promoting BORACAY Island’s unique lifestyle.  The Internationally-distributed, FREE, in-print and on-line Limited Special Edition BORACAY Lifestyle Magazine and PH MAG APP on America’s #1 Digital Newsstand will showcase over 500 local businesses, people, professionals, products, opportunities and events in Boracay Island at-large.  Seeking a more in-depth, long-term and lifestyle-oriented view of the island, the US publisher’s go undercover to find their Boracay 100 Best People, Places & Things.

The new cute, convenient magazinette-style magazine is free and will give Boracay fans the city’s largest business directory, lifestyle and investment insights, showcase successful couples, local and imported entrepreneurs, and document their inspiring ventures and stories.The Goal, according to KA&CO; the US publishers is“…to promote an optimistic-forward-thinking view of Boracay and the surrounding areas in an effort to encourage tourism and investment.”–US Executive Publisher, Kareem Jackson

BORACAY Lifestyle Limited Special Edition Magazine’s US Executive Publishers will be in the Philippines to debut the Cover concept, tour the beach club, taste food, cocktails, meet the locals, at a special meet-n-greet with models.  Hosted by KAMA Beach Club as part of their PMAP (Professional Models Association of the Philippines) celebration.

“Kama Beach Club…embodies our brand.  Luxury Beach Club concept that combines the elements of music, fine dining, entertainment, art and holistic healing into one…Boracay has always been one of the top destinations in Philippines and is famous not just for Filipinos but also for foreigners and expats…known for the main beach, we want to promote the beautiful side of the island too.”

-PMAP Spokesperson.  (

With more than 100 models under its wings, PMAP is the first and only non-profit organization established by models, run by models themselves. The organization aims to  protect, uplift and professionalize the Philippines modeling industry.

PMAP is not alone, other popular brands such as, Cesa, Eighthmermaid, Wear Sundae, BhigBuda andSunnies also believe in the new Boracay and would like to aid in the success of PMAP’s aim.

 Local businesses are urged to contact the publishers so that their business (es) can be part of the showcase.  Boracay Lifestyle Limited Special Edition is an internationally distributed complimentary publication: funded by advertisers and sponsors. Offers the lowest AD Rates in the PH and US to promote “fair marketing tactics” to local entrepreneurs: Full-Color, Glossy Directory Listings start at just $15.00/P500 and Full-Page Ads are just $199/P8,000.


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