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New Controversial American Published Complimentary Boracay Lifestyle Magazine To Launch This Summer | 2016 American Tourism Season Kick-Off The American Press Service (T.A.P.S.)

A Controversial New, American Published, Complimentary, Internationally-Distributed Boracay Lifestyle Magazine to launch just in time for the 2016 US Summer Tourism Season.| The American Press Service (T.A.P.S.)

One of the world’s most-beautiful beaches and most-popular tourist destinations seeks to have a more long-term relationship with its millions of global-citizens and guests.  

Most people know the main beach, exclusive parties, surfand henna shops; however, the real-life of the island of Boracay still remains a mystery to most of the world. 

US publishers intend to change all of that.  To showcase ‘real-life’ on the island:  real estate, investments, members-only beach clubs, Boracay Lifestyle Magazine - lwthe locals, successful residents, they go on a undercover immersion tour a launch a new complimentary, Western-centric magazine.

The new American-published, in-print, on-line and digitally internationally distributed Boracay ‘undercover’ lifestyle Magazinette will debut its sexy new Filitaliana Cover Girl Ambra Gutierrez, captured; ravishing and hair-blown-fresh out of the water, by Icon photographer Dix Perez at on-location at The Private KAMA Beach Club in Boracaythis August 2016 just in time for the American summer tourism season.   Inside, readers and fans can enjoy an exclusive look at some of the islands hottest private-members-only parties, hidden beaches, philanthropy, local hot spots, celebs and the largest Boracay island lifestyle business directory –ever!

Boracay Magazine Banner

Boracay Island Trailblazers: Kama Beach Club

Kama Beach Club; a beach-front, private, members-only, Hollywood country club-style beach club, tops the US publisher’s controversial Boracay 100 Best People, Places & Things List.  The list raised eye-brows as the only true-list, containing off-the-cuff, quaint, small and largely unheard of people, places and things seemingly missed by the popular mainstream local media.


A top pick for The Publisher’s 100 Boracay Best People, Places & Things Lists, and atrue-Boracay trailblazer, Kama Beach Club is unique; as it is one of the islands only beach clubs which caters to the more long-term, residency, return-oriented island-lovers whom desire to escape the tourists. Kama, is one of the many new and emerging hot spots on the island which cater to the fast-growing ‘after-tourism’ clientele.  Also on ‘The 100 Lists’ is Lingganay, The Shangri La, the popular Westcoast USA FilAm import House DJ; PJ Paradise of WeRWolvz, Wave Beachside Bar & Loungeand Mayor John P. Yap.

KAMA BEACH CLUBKAMA BEACH CLUBThe ‘after-tourism’ market includes those who are either locals who wish to enjoy the island away from the popular sometimes overly-festive tourists, tourists who are seeking multiple-return visits, and/or individuals and entrepreneurs looking to invest in the island.

KA&CO;  the multi-award winning, American international business development group, with The Tiongson Group are publishers of The Philippines Magazine International, Philippines INK, PH: CIO, as well as, the new Boracay Lifestyle Limited Special Edition along with their Boracay Island strategic partners, sponsors and stakeholders, aim to promote the islands’ ‘lifestyle’ beyond its massive tourism industry.  The goal is to cater to and promote a more-long-term residency and investor-minded image of one of the world’s most-popular tourist destinations.

“Believe it or not, Boracay Island at-large is relatively undiscovered.  Tourists stay mainly on the beautiful white sand beaches, beach front boutiques, resorts, restos and hotels, and rarely experience the real-Boracay, true-lifestyle…private beach clubs, such as Kama…and, the fabulous residences, land developments, amazing local culture and overall island charm of Visayas and the Bisaya people are missed.  We intend to change all of that by showing our fans that ‘life’ on the island is even better than the vacation…”-US Executive Publisher, Kareem Jackson spoke to The American Press Service in an interview in Manila before his flight to Visayas, Boracay Island to debut the new magazine concept to stakeholders.(Above Right: US Executive Publisher, Kareem Jackson and Cover Girl Ambra Gutierrez On-Location at Kama Beach Club.)

Guaranteed International Distribution.The Magazine is complimentary in-print, on-line and in digital format.  The Boracay Lifestyle Limited Special Edition,will showcase and distribute to over 500 local Boracay Island businesses in its Boracay Lifestyle Directory Listingsfor free.

In addition, as part of its ‘Success is for everyone, US Publishers Fair Advertising Brief’ advertising in the magazine is set at just around $199 or P8,000per page; the lowest ad rates in the US and the Philippines.(Businesses who desire to be showcased or advertise in the publication are encouraged to contact for requirements and specifications before July 1st, 2016)

The concept will promote small, mid and large-sized businesses, as well as popular local entrepreneurs, residents and real estate.  An all-inclusive showcase of the island, from top destinations such as the members only, Kama Beach Club, as well as the local artists, restaurants, real estate and even the small, unique businesses now only known by residents.  Plus, tips on successful island living.  The US Publisher’s intend to promote long-term residency, real estate and business investments, as well as, the lifestyle which goes along with it.

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