New Philippines Student Lifestyle & Culture Magazine Launches In Celebration of the New Senior High School Phenomenon

Student Magazine -lwThe Philippines new Senior High School program has changed the entire dynamic of student lifestyle in the country. The now K-12 phenomenon has literally advanced the countries youth into a more-competitive global arena overnight.

Until now, American and subsequently Western youth have had a minimum 2-year advantage over those in the Philippines, simply due to the fact that a Western student had an addition 2+ years of academia, life experience and possible work experience, under their belts, before they had even graduated from high school.

In the US, high school 11th and 12th grade students have government ID’s, social security/employment cards, jobs at places such as Mc Donald’s, they own cars, some have apartments and live outside of their parent’s home.

Whereas, previously in the Philippines, prior to The Senior High School Program Initiative, students in the Philippines, were forced to travel abroad to gain the 2-years of addition Senior High School education; such as The American International Schools, something only afforded to the wealthy.

Additionally, in the US, the legal working age is 15-years old; giving them a huge advantage in the work experience area, while in the Philippines, the legal working age is 18-years old.

However, now, the Philippines high school student in their last 2 years could potentially be enabled to work part-time, and gain independence even before entering into entrepreneurship, a college or university –or all three!

That is amazing news for Filipino families who put education and career success first. It is also a positive deterrent away from un-planned youth pregnancies, as students have additional years of maturity and education, before they are ‘graduates’ and subsequently begin their own adult families.

Education and Higher-Learning are two of the country’s top economic industries and is expected to double over the next 2-decades as more and more of the overall population grow wealthier and are able to enroll all of their children simultaneously.

Nearly 2.5 million kids in the Philippines now attend kiner, ‘kindercare’ or kindergarten, then enrollment jumps to around 15 million in time for elementary. Education is a must in the Philippines to be gainfully employed. At least, a now, K thru 12-year high school diploma is ideal even for minimum wage jobs and entrepreneurship.

An expected 25 million students will be positively affected –annually- by the new Senior High School system. After the 2-year learning-curve, those first graduates will enter the world at the same age and opportunity level as many American and European students do. Subsequently, cutting the opportunity-gap between the rich and the poor; as ‘senior high schooling’ is democratized and brought into the Philippines’ educational system.

Around 20.5 million public and 2.5 million private school students in the country, as well as vocational, TESDA, military and under graduate programs will be the beneficiaries of Senior High School.

That is a huge competitive advantage for students in the 2015, 2016 and 2017 graduating classes, as the country at-large preps to deliver their most educated (Senior) High School graduates in history.

The Philippines

To kick-off The Philippines 2017 SENIOR HIGH GRADUATE SEASON in the right fashion, the US Publishers of The Philippines Magazine International with Youth Editor-In-Chief Paul Carreon will launch their first student-centric publication. The complimentary magazine is targeted at both students and parents looking for the best Philippines schools for their children and young Varsity athletes.

It’s high school readership is attractive for college, vocational and university recruiters. In addition, real estate developers, car dealers, banks as well as, corporate and entrepreneurial opportunity recruiters looking to reach an ever growing market of fresh grads early find the publication a wonderful opportunity to do so.

First-of-its-kind, the magazine is distributed internationally in-print, on-line and in digital format to more than 100,000 people around the world and is distributed in-hand to students, faculty, professors, Deans and institution owners at dozens of interactive Achieve Success hosted events in the Philippines throughout the year.

Achieve SUCCESS Student Lifestyle & Culture Limited Special Edition Magazine will make its Philippines debut at a special youth entrepreneurship engagement hosted by Kareem Jackson and STI College Balagtas.

The event sold out in 2016 and added a second separate engagement; they created an AM and a PM Session. So, this year they decided to make it extra special for the students by showcasing their successes, their talent, lifestyle and culture in one ground-breaking, all-inclusive never before seen publication.

The magazine is catered to both high school and college-level youth and includes an exciting student seminar event cover, taken by 14-year old, CEU Senior High student photographer, Louis Philippe Condat during the 2016 Marketing 101 US Certification Seminar at STI College Balagtas.

The magazine also includes a full-outline of the 2017 Entrepreneurial 101 US Certification Seminar, Special Features and The Student Successful Lifestyle Directory of hundreds of schools, cafes, and other hot spots.

As well as a fashion-forward 5-page spread featuring Kris Chan, Akiro Orteza & Kay Trajano and photography by Jet Bolado with h&m by Ericka Arboleda-Galan and stylist Gelo Rivera. Shot on-location in a traditional ‘school house’ at The Andres Bonifacio Integrated School in Historic Mandaluyong City, Philippine Islands.

“Make Your Life A Statement.”

The empowering spread is an innovative celebration of Philippine youth fused with new Senior High School kool-swag and independence. The spread features fashions by Einar Nicdao and Dylan Gallaza representing The Fashion Institute of the Philippines.

We’ve got an exclusive sneak peek before it even goes to print. Enjoy!

US Executive Publishers Look Book:
The Island Kool Kids.
Make Your Life A Statement.
featuring Kris Chan, Akiro Orteza & Kay Trajano
photography by Jet Bolado

School House Rockin’ Fashion
Shot on-location at The Andres Bonifacio Integrated School in Historic Mandaluyong Cityin their warm traditional school house setting.

Einar Nicdao finds his inspiration for military style and culture in his admiration of his father who is a veteran. Not wandering far from his Digos City, Davao roots, Einar is traditional and sprinkles a dash of true Pinoy culture in his patterns and weaves.

Living life in a uniform can make one feel lost in a sea of conformity. Student lifestyle in the West and some ground-breaking non-uniform schools in the Philippines allowtoday’s sassy student body to make their life a living statement.

Hollywood box office movies give us a glimpse of how kool life could be if we could express it everyday in -and out- of school yard fashion. Alluring are the statements we could make if we could express our inner diva –and divo- beyond the shimmery, slightly stilettoshoes, vibrant socks, tailored form-fitting slacks, sassy skirts and that ever so subtle cherry-bomb blush, smokey-eye treatment and puffy Mac lipstick.

A new phenomenon in
Philippines School Yard Fashion
is bubbling to the surface.
As millions of hip fashionable kids enjoy a new level of awesomeness and astig
ushered-in with the new 2-year regimen of Senior High School.

They’re the ones who keep their silent swag to the outlines of the classroom.
They rock the high-scores, volunteer at all the kool events and
still find time toset the trends for the entire calendar season.

“What’s gonna be hot…and what’s NOT!”

“Will blushor smokey-eyes be the rave…will the new trend in footwear be
‘bold and clunky’ or will it be ‘sleek and refined’ instead?”

“Pogi Boy and Hip Chic
will always be labels, but what will be the brands?”

Dylan Gallaza was born in the breathe-taking PanayIsland, Visayas Region and spent his youth near the water. It’s no wonder his denim creations resemble soft waves in the beautiful, blue ocean and seem to maintain his Bisaya Island Boy Charm. A fusion of natural and subtly manmade accents with functional embellishments his signature.

Today’s ultra-kool fashion for an all-new Senior High School Lifestyle are bold patterns, that still maintain your youth, uniformity and innocence, but also make a subdued-statement to the underclass mates that there is a new level of rank and academic-chic on campus.

When you hit college; the new Philippine Freshmen –and Ladies- that land on college and university campuses arrive with much more swagger than ever before.

Finally, when you make it to
The Promise Land of milk and honey,
the end of the treacherous journey,
at that last final runway walk called Graduation,
you will represent
The New Generation of Pinoy
to the World!

The New Philippines Grad regardless of your alumni,will be more-empowered, more-intelligent, older and wiser, more-independent and they will reflect that in their global confidence and fashion-forward sense–as well as their resumes.

black & military green cross-cut pullover by EinarNicdao
b&w twill pants by Dylan Gallaza
black crotch-drop pants by Dylan Gallaza
representing The Fashion Institute of the Philippines

Kris Chan, AkiroOrteza & Kay Trajano
Representing University of The Visayas

Hair & Make-Up
Ericka Arboleda-Galan

Gelo Rivera


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