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The Philippines Kicks-Off New Anti-Discrimination Tattoo Tourism Industry Exposure Campaign | 500+ The PH Tattoo Lifestyle Biggest Showcase –Ever.

Gwen Garci Philippine Ink

The Philippines Kicks-Off New Anti-Discrimination Tattoo Tourism Industry Exposure Campaign | 500+ The PH Tattoo Lifestyle Biggest Showcase –Ever.

cover girl rachel lobangco-final-white-coverThe tattoo discrimination issue in the Philippines has negatively affected millions of artists, art lovers and their families who live in the Philippines.

It has –until recently– forced millions into hiding, to survive under-employment, lead a miserly existence, broken homes and most-people; swayed by PH national media-propaganda surrounding tattooed people, unjustly, assumed tattoos were a brand of convicts; drug addicts, thieves and murderers.  Contrarily, some of the country’s most notorious criminals have no tattoos at all, and wear suits everyday.

Alvir Macalino pic 1Alvir Macalino pic 4Unjustly, judging and discriminating against us is unfair and wrong.  We (Filipino tattoo lovers) are simply expressing our creativity and our undying admiration for our Filipino artistry and tribal heritage.”

PH INK Managing Partner, Drummer in Chosen Juan , Partner at Cha Ching Bar & Grill, Tattoo Model and Brand Ambassador for Tribal Gear Philippines, Alvir “Ink Boy” Macalino (Photographer Gilbert Manawat)

However, until the past decade: in which foreign investors: collectors, brands, call centers, BPO’s and international media has boomed, people with tattoos could never hope-to-be be hired into main-stream jobs.  The discrimination also negatively affected professionals as well; doctors, dentists and bankers who were forced to hide their body art.  Local and international celebrities and the newly elected, Davao-native, discretely ‘tattooed’ Philippines President Duterte are adding more and more fuel to the renaissance of the Philippines tattoo industry.

In actuality, tattoo discrimination is not a real-Filipino cultural phenomenon.  Filipinos are artistic, art lover’s, and are a tribal culture, in which ‘body art’ symbolized beauty and warrior success.

Tattoo Apo Whang Od pic Baguio Native warriors pic 4 Tattoo Apo Whang Od pic 1Discrimination of tattooed people, is a lingering hostility imposed upon them, by former settlers, whom of which shunned true-Pinoy style.  True-Filipino culture is one of the world’s oldest and most renowned tattoo Meccas, dating back hundreds of years as an early civilization.

Tattoo Apo Whang Od pic 9Apo Whang Od in the Northern part of the Philippines is now over 93-years old and still practices the ancient Kalinga-style of tattooing.  Also, the 400 year old mummified body of Apo Anno, a Buenget hunter is being preserved by, The National Museum of the Philippines.  A fierce warrior, Apo Anno has tattoos on the soles of his feet and on the top of his forehead.
“For people of the tribe…A boy…earns his first marking after his first kill…as he grows into a strong warrior, he earns his ink armor one amulet at a time: centipedes in the arms for protection, pythons on the shoulders for strength…mighty eagle on the chest and back….”

Fact: With over 400-years of experience, Filipinos are among the world’s best artist.  

Next Week Philippines INK International, the countries only complimentary, internationally distributed, US published, promotional magazine and on-line booking service, opens global advertising in:   The New Rachel Lobangco Limited Special Summer Edition  

The Michaella Recto Philippines INK Tattoo, Tourism, Lifestyle & Culture Limited Special Edition was already debuted to fans around the world.  The concept breaks-down the barriers of the ‘tattooed’ image, Gwen Garciby showcasing, sexy, political, celebrity, current and former generation Icons; exposing the false image of the Philippines tattoo culture and the people who are part of it.  Restoring ‘beauty’ back to the description of Filipino-tattoo artist’s work.

TATTOO LOVER’S UNITED:  A Special Feature Section, in which PH INK also researches and then, showcases progressive, Philippines-based companies, brands, schools and government agencies who support the tattoo industry, by not discriminating against their employees and offer Equal-Opportunity Employment.  Philippines tattoo artists and tattoo lover’s represent billions in annual, consumer buying power and have touched many of the country’s top celebrities, athletes and politicians.

Much like big and small businesses in the United States realized that discrimination against black American consumers was losing them trillions of dollars;  Philippines-based banks, food & beverage chains, fashion moguls, shopping malls, car dealers, real estate groups, BPO’s and consumer products are becoming more aware of the value of the ‘Philippines Tattoo Industry’ at-large –and the huge losses caused by discriminating against them. 

 Subsequently, the opportunity for new market share, when foreign and domestic tattoo lovers are welcomed and embraced, seen by the success of brands such as Tribal Gear, FUBU and Vans.

Now Available | The Michaella RECTO Limited Special Edition was launched last-year to kick-off The 2015 PH Tattoo Tourism Season at a private PH INK Master Resort-Style Tattoo Competition, hosted by the Carasuchi Villa Gardens, Indang Cavite City, Philippines. 

Jhay-Arr HOLDING PH INK 1Jhay-arr Cariaso Tattoo 2For many artists in the Philippines, such as Jhay-Arr Arenas Cariaso of Baguio’s Soul’s Ink Tattoo their crafts is the livelihood of themselves and their families.  Added awareness, exposure and support could change their lives for the better.


 Cover Girl Michaella Recto, “The Great Granddaughter of Claro M. Recto…The Father of the Philippine Constitution” as an anti-discrimination endorsement to Philippine artists.

Recto’s controversial Cover was also a product of The Rachel Lobangco LEQ’S EYE VIEW STUDIO, showcasing beautiful Boracay Island, and the work of Filipino artist, Julius “BOOM” Belo of Maccao.  (See it on-line for free below.)

 Libis, Philippines | The Fire Queen.  The Iconic, award-winning, multi-talented Philippine actress, entertainer, photographer, Rachel Lobangco along with KA&CO US LLC; the US Publishers of The Philippines Magazine International began development of their upcoming Summertime Edition of Philippines Ink. (PH INK)

PH INK MAG Michaela TATTOO COVER FINALMichaella Recto Circa. 1953 Grandfather Claro M. Recto, with wife, Aurora Philippine Presidential Candidate and Defense Secretary Ramon MagsaysayON THE NEW COVER: Rachel Lobangco was photographed by JAN MICHAEL ALEJANDRO, with stylist NERVIE MARIE and Cover design by The TIONGSON GROUP featuring the work of renowned tattoo artist GENEBERT TESTA.  Plus, a FREE Special PH INK ONLY Gwen Garci Pin-Up Poster inside every Issue.

The Magazine, The Philippines NO MORE HIDING Campaign, Tattoo Lover’s TGIF Dance Party, The PH INK Masters Tattoo Competition, along with ( the on-line artists showcase and booking service is designed to promote Philippine Tattoo Lifestyle and Tourism to foreigners and locals: showcasing nearly 1,000 artists, shops, events, apparel, community and country-wide hot spots and those who support them. Most Filipino artists can –and do- depend on their craft for the livelihood of themselves and their families.

The American-published magazine hard copy is free at hundreds of businesses and events from the US to the Philippines; PH INK fans also enjoy the complimentary on-line version.

In addition, MAGZTER (America and Asia’s #1 digital newsstand) launched the PH INK Digital APP Edition for $2.99.  A merger, which offers additional global exposure for more than 500 Filipino artists, their work, The Philippines INK Magazine brand, sponsors and advertisers.  (see:

PH INK offers the most affordable advertising rates in the Philippines and America; giving equal opportunity to all businesses.  Full-Color Glossy Directory Listings start at just $12/P500 and Full-Page Ads are just $120/P5,000.

An equal-opportunity showcase publication, all artists are welcomed:  affiliated, independent and nationwide.

See also: and

KA&CO, the publishing group who owns the PH MAG brand, is an independent marketing group which funds the magazine and its website privately: largely by Friends of the Philippines; sponsors and advertisers which allows them to distribute the magazine for free, as well as to remain unbiased when developing content such as their List, endorsements, investment insights and partners.

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