Philippines President Duterte to Black America: We see! Police shooting blacks in America…dead! What is that…appalling?

Philippines President Duterte to Black America:

“America is shooting the blacks there!  We see!  Police shooting blacks in America…dead! What is that…appalling?  Look what America did to the black people there…United States is not doing anything!  What is the difference!?!  Stinch of death…” -Exclaims a passionate PH President Duterte

Unfairly, The Philippines has gotten global negative press and criticism for the War On Drugs initiated by the peoples President Rodrigo Duterte. Understand, it is war.

 In just the first few weeks into his administration; to the reluctant praise of Filipinos, foreign investors, local and foreign media and expats alike, whom formally feared the massive crime and corruption.  Nearly 1 million; of the estimated 3 million, people in the Philippines involved in the corruption-induced drug trade have been outed, surrendered, placed in rehabilitation, fled the country, been arrested and/or publically assassinated.

Not understanding that The Philippine Islands is not the West; which is commonly thwarted with massive organized crime, killings, and murders by police and racial discrimination, the Philippines is a relatively safe country, known for its simple tropical lifestyle, as well as sweet and hospitable people.

The drug and massive corruption epidemic is relatively new and was found to be fueled by many politicians, celebrities and police whose greed was devastating the tropical nation and ultimately hindering its economic growth.

Many of the critics have perforated from within the Western and US Media; which is ultimately highly-hypocritical: due to the fact that throughout history the United States has continued to enslave, harass, torture and murder hundreds of thousands of innocent and unarmed blacks with seemingly no remorse.

Now with the advent and popularity of social media, the United States treatment of blacks and other minorities has been made obvious to the entire world.

In an undercover feature survey, conducted in the Philippines by US Media and publisher, Kareem Jackson, for The American Press Service (T.A.P.S.), Jackson interviewed hundreds of both locals and internationals, before, during and after the 2016 election.

“When you look at the Philippines, you need to adjust your Western-paradigm.  People in the Philippines –myself included- express mixed emotions in regards to the extrajudicial killings.  For decades, we have all seen the devastation that greed and illegal drugs have imposed on this beautiful country.  I think what you are seeing is no different than someone –using a gun- to protect their home and family from invaders.  Sadly, America has set the example actually, by the mass murder of thousands of innocent and unarmed blacks for centuries…honestly, US media has no right to attack Duterte…sadly again, I must agree with what he said to CNN.  The only reason the Philippines is seen as poor or a 3rd world country is because of the corruption.  Once abolished, the country will heal and reclaim its rightful place as a top world economy.  Here, this is a war.  In America, there’s no excuse, it’s just racism.”-Kareem Jackson, T.A.P.S and US Executive Publisher The Philippines Magazine International

Despite the perceptions outside of the country, the immediate changes are seen all throughout Metro Manila.  Until just a few weeks ago, most foreigners in the Philippines; including some 500,000+ American residents, were scared of corruption from all levels of society.  Therefore, they avoided many investments, philanthropic endeavors, entire cities and situations based on this fear.

Specifically, many feared the police when pulled over while driving and forced to pay cash, or while walking in Manila fearing pick-pockets aka snatchers, syndicates and homeless children who preyed on tourists and mall-goers, as well as, extortion, ‘shakedowns’ or ‘under-the-table fees’ imposed by immigration officials, travel agencies (see our feature: PH Immigration Reform Exposed) and the courts.

Now, with a nationwide ‘911 Emergency’ service, corruption hotlines, an open door policy at The Malacanang Palace and as President Duterte’s War on Drugs  –surprisingly- equally exposes the poor, government, foreign nationals, police, politicians, media and the rich, the country at-large can be seen increasingly more safe, secure and robust.


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