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Mayor Rodrigo Duterte to take-over as Commander-in-Chief of the world’s fastest-growing mega economy.

The Philippine Islands; in addition to being the most-hospitable culture, has become a world leader in BPO, real estate investments, outsourcing, beauty, English-speaking, foreign trade and investment, minority American tourism, as well as medical tourism.

With the world’s largest American embassy, and with American investors as their #1 venture partners, plus the ground-breaking alliance set forth by US President Obama during the recent APEC convention, the country is on a track to the second world in just a few decades.

As of May 10, 2016, 8:59 am (PST), Duterte is the clear front runner of the presidential race, with 15,155,775 votes. Trailing him is Liberal Party’s presidential bet, Mar Roxas, with only 9,112,889 votes.

In his campaign, the controversial, Duterte made promises which resonated with foreign, domestic and Balikbayan stakeholders in the Philippines economy and lifestyle.

According to PH mainstream media, Duterte has promised:  …to bring back the death penalty for drug trafficking, rape, robbery, and homicide.
…to implement a 1-am curfew for commercial establishments.
…to significantly lower crime rate in the first 3 to 6 months of his presidency.
…and that having multiple partners (polygamy) will be legalized.
 To abolish corruption, millions, would benefit and subsequently invest more in the country if and when corruption issues surrounding law enforcement, immigration and local business were diminished –or eradicated all together.

Duterte, as Mayor is Davao City, on the Mindanao Island, Philippines has proven himself capable of doing so.  His city, boast one of the Philippines and the world’s lowest crime rates.  In addition, Davao City possesses world-class social services and infrastructure.

Contrary to local, mass, black propaganda media, over the next decade, foreign investment, tourism and domestic jobs are expected to triple.  The thousands of American and other foreign entrepreneurs, investors and brands in the Philippines, are merely trailblazers; the masses are yet to venture in the country. Many, have been waiting for an aggressive administration, that can eradicate, and then, they are positioned for massive investments.

Controversial American billionaire and US Presidential Candidate, Donald J. Trump even has a new -sold out-Trump Tower in Manila, as does Paris Hilton and thousands of other US real estate investors.

Despite having been the victim to mountains of PH national media propaganda, the seemingly humble Duterte has swept the nation leading in the pre-poll numbers by millions –to ultimately win the election.

Of course, this is the perfect time for foreign; especially American and European capitalists to double-down in the Philippines economy, as the peso exchange rate rises in the favor of the Dollar.  Previous reports in regards to the negative effects of Duterte have proven to be simply propaganda, as more foreign investors actually grow their Philippines investments, in anticipation of a more-honest and humble Philippines Presidential Administration.

US reports show, the truth is, foreign investment could easily and quickly double, if/when there is a less-corrupt climate in the Philippines.  Regardless of his ‘means to an end’ foreigners are looking forward to seeing this in action, and have more to invest as things change and progress.  Not less; as many Philippines media outlets have indicated.

Foreign investors are watching the Philippines, through the eyes of its people:  a people, largely in support of Duterte –over 10 million votes and counting; millions ahead of the next candidate. 

The People; or ‘The Masa’ as they’re called in the local PH media, have rallied behind the Davao City Mayor, Duterte, with passion and optimism.

Western culture, knows the power of the people, and the good commerce which comes with an empowered market.

“After investing in a wonderful, eye-opening and inspiring Philippines Magazine Philanthropy Tour in 2015, I look forward to returning.  I am optimistic; the growing economy is full of success-seeking people who can benefit from my coaching and training services.”August Leming, Ph. D. expressed with The American Press in a recent discussion about opportunities he sees in the country.

As the Philippines ushers-in a new administration, local and foreign investors are ramping-up their ventures.  Not covered in mainstream Philippines so called ‘black propaganda’ media is the opinions and reactions of the investor markets, who also benefit from the new presidency.

Over the next 30-days, as Duterte settles into office, the Philippines is expected to have one of its best months ever.  As many were holding back their efforts in anticipation of what has now become a reality.

The American Press Service

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