STI COLLEGES LEAD The Philippines HIGHER-LEARNING REVOLUTION –AGAIN! Entrepreneurial Success 101 Certification Seminar

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Bulacan City, Philippines | 16 January 2017:  Philippines Students and Recruiters Demand Higher-Learning Special Engagements To Be More Competitive In The Workforce and as Valued Citizens. 

 STI College Answers The Call -Again.  The 2016 Trail-Blazing, American-Hosted Success Seminar Debut Sold Out With 200+ Attendees.

The All-New 2017 Entrepreneurial Success 101 Certification Seminar

expects the same support.

 JOIN THE Philippines HIGHER-LEARNING REVOLUTION!  Success Is For Everyone.



Entrepreneurial Success 101 Certification Seminar is an eye-opening, interactive introduction to –successful– entrepreneurship in the Philippines and the United States.  STI College:  formerly known as Systems Technology Institute, STI is the largest network of for-profit information technologybased colleges in the Philippines,will be featuring the countries first, Philippines-specific to the United States market(s) seminar(s). 

STI offers acurriculum includingbusiness studiescomputer scienceeducation,engineering and health care; acclaimed, as the second largest IT-based educational institution in Asia.

 The Philippines is the world’s fastest-emerging venture and consumer market, millions of new gain-fully employed workers, as well as, possessing America as its largest investor.  The Philippines is also one of the world’s largest remitters, with billions of dollars being transferred and invested by OFW’s, Balikbayans and foreign investors.

 In addition, the more than 7,000 islands have been named as a ‘National Geographic Top 20 Destinations in 2016’.  As well as, a trend set by the adored -black American New Yorker- former US Ambassador Harry Thomas; the Philippines Islands are ‘Minority Success America Magazine’s #1 Place for black Americans and other US Minorities to travel to, live and do business’ –for the 3rd year in a row.

 The tropical country is known for their warm-welcoming culture, simple-lifestyle, cuisine, and is also the most-popular outsourcing partner in the world, beating India just a few years ago. 

 However, though, more of the PH-domestic population are ‘hire-able’ compared to India, which has recruiters scampering to train the population, in an effort to keep-up with employment demands by local, national and international companies.  

 Entrepreneurship and Higher-Education is held in high-regard in the Philippines.   Import, international talent and entrepreneurship-specialists; such as Seminarian Host Kareem Jackson, bring real-world, eye-opening and truly-applied insights, to the progressive, non-traditional classroom.  From what entrepreneurship truly is, to starting in business with little –or no- cash money, as a youth and outside of your expertise, attendees get real-life insights which they can apply immediately.

 With literally millions, and millions of new graduates each and every year;as well as non-graduates with limited options, Filipinos and expats living in the Philippines need entrepreneurial-options.

STI College is one of the Philippines most-progressive institutions and intends to maintain its rankings as a Top Tier Philippines Educator and has stepped outside-the-box to arm select students with invaluable-competitive advantages once they graduate; including but not limited to, entrepreneurship success.

STI has reserved a Special 4-Hour Engagement, by Multi-Award Winning, American Serial-Entrepreneur, International Business Consultant, US Resolution Recipient, Host of LIVE! ON THE SET and US Executive Publisher of The Philippines Magazine International Series, Kareem Jackson: is the Philippines first, American/foreign show host, and specializes in international-business development, promotion and marketing the Philippines to Americans and other expats.

Entrepreneurial Success 101 Certification Seminar, LIVE! ON THE SET With Kareem Jackson “What is entrepreneurship…Really?” PLUS “10-Steps To Entrepreneurial Success” is anentrepreneur expert-hosted, step-by-step, interactive Q&A-style, comprehensive, international marketing success seminar.

The Entrepreneurial Success 101 Certification Seminar, shows attendees American-mindset, internationally-applicable, proven, real-world tips and strategies to help the student, want-to-be-entrepreneur, micro-investor, professional and/or start-up entrepreneur how to get started immediately as an entrepreneur or the expand their current business or vision.

Attendees get an true-idea of what marketing really is:  such as, What is an entrepreneur –really?Know Your Lane…Defining Your Personal Success Goal,  Know The Market…Not Yourself,  The Law Of Attraction & The Power of Successful Networking,  Vision, The Power of Successful Entrepreneurship,  Sales & The Power of a Good Business Success Plan, How-To Start With NO (or little) CASH MONEY, Respect The Small Guys, Prepare To Sacrifice & Fail and How-To Focus, Stop Talking and Start Doing.

At STI, top-students see the need to begin there extra-curricular, real-life, applied-studies courses early, before their graduation.  Seminars such as The Entrepreneurial Success 101 Certification Seminar, give STI students a unique advantage when perusing their successful post-graduation life and venture into business ownership, alike.

Savvy parents and high school students, select STI Colleges nationwide, due to their uncanny ability to arm their graduates with the skills needed to ‘start’ with more hands-on, practical experience and savvy.



2016 Marketing Success 101 Seminar:

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