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Successful American Doctor of Psychology Talks Life-Changing Philippines Experiences.

QUEZON CITY, PHILIPPINES | Give the Gift Philippines Trailblazing Philanthropy Tourism

Successful American Doctor of Psychology Talks Life-Changing Philippines Experiences.


Successful American Doctor of Psychology Talks Life-Changing Philippines Experiences.
Wow!  It’s a social experience, like no other in the world.  They’re so happy!  They have no money, nothing…and they want for nothing.  To have a child give you (me) something which they do not have, that is the most memorable experience in the Philippines –and it happened more than once while I was here (in the Philippines).

-Dr. August Leming in an exit interview obtained by The American Press Service (T.A.P.S.), before leaving the Philippines.


The Philippines is developing into one of the world’s most-popular destinations.  Much like the soul-searching, tranquility-bound, Zen-full and ultimately life-changing tours promoted from Bali and Tibet in Western traditional spiritual-cleansing tours made popular by Icons such as Madonna, Juila Roberts, Beckham and even Mahammad Ali who escaped to Manila and pegged “Thrilla in Manila” in 1975.

Now, in 2016, the Philippines is making the US Press again as more and more non-celebrity Westerners, are discovering and visiting the country and returning rested, inspired and with new optimistic outlooks on life–post recession.

August Leming, Ph.D. visited the Philippines as part of a 8-days and 8-nights true-lifestyle Philanthropy Immersion Tour hosted by the US publishers of The Philippines Magazine International.

Dr. Leming,is an internationally recognized expert in human motivation, behavior change, and performance psychology. He has been invited to speak at Yale University, Princeton University, and Williams College among many other of America’s most respected academic institutions.

However, on this trip, Dr. Leming was the student.  August, would be the beneficiary of countless, life-changing and educational lessons from true-Filipinos on love, hospitality, kindness, generosity and an admirable appreciation for the simple things in life.

See the exit interview now.

The US philanthropists were picked up from the Aquino International Airport, in a traditional Filipino jeepney; and their immersion tour began.

August Leming, Ph. D., gives an in-depth, insightful account of his Philippines experience.  His paradigm shift may surprise you.  Enjoy.

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