SWAG Hits Pulilan Province, Philippines

The little strip along the highway in Longos, Pulilan, a quaint neighborhood barangay located in Bulacan, Philippines has been all a buzz about the new SWAG MINI opening next month. Pulilan proper (97,000+ pop.)and surrounding areas is home to more than 250,000 residents at day workers. Including, more than a hundred schools and academies, as well as, a local airport (actually in nearby Plaridel) and aviation school, hospitals, restaurants, car dealerships, banks, a new SM and even a new Café’ Amazon.

Many years ago, Pulilan was primarily a little-known rural, farming town. Then, most of the population committed their entire lives to farming as their livelihood. Today, the town has moved into commercialization and industrialization as it is has become one of the major growth-rate areas in the province.
Now, with its major economic growth, due to presence of commercial establishments, real estate, industrial plants and major road projects, Pulilan has experienced increased in the total gross income in the past few years. The town’s income in year 2016 was P323.86 million, an increase of P69.27 million from its previous income in 2014. Pulilan surpassed the income of fifteen municipalities in Bulacan, such as San Miguel, Bocaue, Plaridel, Hagonoy and Calumpit. It’s no wonder SWAG PH decided to launch its first SWAG MINI in Pulilan, Philippines.

SWAG MINI is the all-new hip ‘hood’ sized version of the black-American/Filipino fusion, SWAG Golden Globe Award-Winning All-American Hip-Hop Lifestyle Barber Salon & Boutique. SWAG MINI is the perfect size for the neighborhood. Complete with the Swag Signature style, Swag Pro Products, services, freebies, family-friendly prices, even the Swag fan favorite free iced tea and coffee service.

After a year of analysis, the US and PH developers of Swag Central; the Swag Malolos Flagship test market brand have found that many of their more than 3,000 guests visits have come from the Malolos surrounding area, consisting of Calumpit, Sta. Maria and of course Pulilan. The group also found, that they have a nice share of expats; especially blacks as they are the only shop carrying American-Made Revlon Relaxers and other black-centric products. In addition, they attract Manila residents who are seeking top shelf products such as Original Olaplex and L’Oréal Xtenso, as well as, service like Balayage at affordable prices.

The group made a bold and highly-competitive move as they ramp-up for their 1-Year SWAG Philippines Anniversary and the debut of the new SWAGMINI concept. They have revamped the brand, leveled-up their teams, boosted the requirements, team member industry knowledge expectations and now offer some of the most-competitive professional wages in the city.

SWAG PRO Team members can now earn as much as some David’s Salons, Bench Fix and other chain shops. Subsequently, the new SWAG business model is recruiting talent from those same high-end brands to work in ‘the hood’ with SWAG Guests. All in an effort to give more, for less to their guests –which also happens to be their SWAG Motto and guarantee.

At SWAG PH, haircuts are just P50 like many local shops and P100 for women and for men’s custom cuts. Not P250 as many would expect from a shop like SWAG, all with complimentary iced tea and coffee service.

The SWAG Website & On-Line Booking Concierge is the only one of its kind I the Philippines and allows guests to book on-line and receive 20% discounts when they do. SWAG takes the focus off of walk-ins and onto bookings. With a 5-Star Facebook Rating, up to 10,000 on-line views a week, multiple features in The Philippines Magazine International, The SWAG Lifestyle Section in Achieve Success Student Lifestyle Magazine, The American Press Rankings, and Top #1 on Google America for “Best Barber Salon in Bulacan/Malolos” it is definitely grow-time for the brand.

SWAG Success Secrets. SWAG Major services; such as rebonds are just P750 and up, the popular Brazilian Keratin Treatments are as little as P1,250, and color service starts from P350 for men and P500 for women. Even import brand services such as L’Oreal Xtenso Rebonding; not carried by many local shops, starts at just P2,500 at SWAG PH, compared to as much as P4,500 at other similar shops. Which are all mind-blowingly low prices; especially, when you compare them to shops similar to SWAG who charge more than double that –with no free iced tea, coffee service, shampoos, conditioning, styling or hair spas.

SWAG gives new meaning to the term ‘back job’ in the Philippines. SWAG American Standards also ‘require’ or invite guests to return after 3-days of any major service (such as rebonds, keratins and bleaching) for a free (yes free) SWAG Hair Spa or Hot Oil Treatment and to check the quality of their hair and make any recommendations. The SWAG Aftercare Service is a first-of-its-kind in the Philippines and a major game-changer for the masa or mainstream markets.

Additionally, the SWAG MINI concept is affordable for franchise-style partnerships and allows small neighborhood shops to get in the game with their own SWAG branch, without jeopardizing their local vibe and affordable, family-friendly prices.

SWAG was developed by KA&CO American with The Tiongson Group and its unique pricing strategy, uses economies-of-scale to get the products at lower bulk rates and thus turns the savings over to their guests. A business model which empowers customers and clients alike, whom are now able to get more needed services, treatments, maintenance and products for the same price as one service alone at their shops. Their motto: “Get More…For Less…Guaranteed!” is truly promoting healthier, better-maintained, long-term hair clientele.

To learn more about SWAG PH and The New SWAG MINI Pulilan, or to book an appointment please visit or /SWAGSalonPH on Facebook.

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