SWAG Philippines Triple Threat

SWAG Philippines
Triple Threat

SWAG Contestants Take Home
Philippines Beauty Pageant 1st, 3rd & 4th Place.
Grand Prize Winner & Mr. Lapids Ville King, CJ Abuan and Juchelle Lowell Discaya, Justin Aguilar
and JR Bastes

The American Press Service 3 May 2018

For the first time, Lapids Ville, a housing subdivision neighborhood in the Philippine Islands hosted its Annual Fiesta. The Lapids Ville Fiesta, was hosted by Burok and neighborhood association head, Fred Vistan, and included amazing Pinoy Brandy Dipped BBQ, traditional Filipino Food, Videoke, multiple cocktail parties and a Mr. & Miss. Lapids Beauty Pageant. Also, for the first time, the Final 4 male winners included all 3 SWAG PRO sponsored gets, who we also styled by the same black American-Filipino barber salon.

Lapids Ville, is a cozy family-oriented subdivision; in Malolos City, which has become increasingly popular as the city around them becomes one of the fasted-growing cities outside Manila proper. Lapids, is nestled along the highway, just minutes from the Bulacan Capital Building, walking distance from the new Cabanas Shopping Center, upcoming Star Mall, as well as, multiple private and public schools and universities, such as CEU, BSU and STI. The same emerging city which the award-winning US and PH developers of the SWAG PH Barber Salon & Boutique chose for its successful flagship test market location in the Philippines last year.

SWAG PH sponsored three male contestants with unique Swag Idol Hair Cuts; a unique brush-up, a high-skin fade and SWAG Platinum Color Treated curly boy bob. They showcased their new SWAG PRO Product Line of SWAG Hair Spas, SWAG Honey H2O Pomade, styling products, make-up service and debuted their new SWAG Platinum Hair Color Treatment. The winners will also be featured in the new SWAG Beauty & Grooming Section in Achieve Success Student Lifestyle Magazine Back-2-School Edition; a Limited Special Edition by The Philippines Magazine International (

The SWAG Mission is to level-up the Philippines’ masa or mainstream markets and to deliver high-level, quality beauty and grooming products and services, at the most-affordable prices possible. Team SWAG PH enjoy giving-back, supporting and empowering the community at-large, which is why when they were asked by their shop longtime guests and neighbors CJ, Justin and JR, they were honored and such proud sponsors of the three Mr. Lapids Contestants and subsequent winners.

“Success is not all about money, material things and fame, it’s about making people -look and- feel good. The right haircut and styling can boost ones self-esteem, instill pride and ultimately change their lives. These handsome young men who won Mr. Lapids will have that achievement in their hearts and on their resumes for their entire lives. Confidence matters in this world. We are just so proud that Team SWAP PH, could play but a small part in it.” -SWAG US Senior Partner, Kareem J. A. Jackson

Pictures Courtesy The American Press Service and The Philippines Magazine International.

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