Location.  Location.  Location. THE #1 RULE OF AMERICAN BUSINESS

Success has been outsourced and re-located to an all new location: The Philippines host over 500,000 American residents, the world’s largest US Embassy and over 1 million Western investors, brands, employers and entrepreneurs.

Yet; post-recession, most people in America still get up every day and go to a job which they hate.  They live every day in a life of misery and drudgery.   Post the highs on Facebook, but actually live in the lows from day-to-day.  Ironically, in the United States 80% of first heart attacks happen on Monday morning; specifically between 10 am and 12 noon.

It’s not because they lack the resources, information, the money, the health or even the knowledge to achieve their success.  Practical, is a habit.  And, a habit is hard to break.  The US news and the popular television shows will have you living in a routine of envy, anxiety, depression and fear.  It paralyzes you and makes you feel hopeless.  Most are subconsciously searching for a life with more meaning, success and happiness, but they’re too scared to take that notorious “Leap of Faith” needed to achieve it.  So why can’t they do it, since they have all the tools, the time is right, and it’s just up to them?

Fear.  Abolish Your Fear.  And, You’ll Be Free.

I was recently asked in an interview, “How have you found success in the Philippines?”  I answered quickly and with an answer I had routinely used before “…the market in booming and the lifestyle is wonderful.” But, after the interview for the next few days I pondered on that question.  How did “I” find it?

I mean, let’s face it.  In the United States there are over 20 million Google Searches regarding the Philippines, every day.  I think we all know about the lifestyle, the people, resorts, the opportunities and the retirement benefits.

Remember, Trump and the family were there, Bill Gates and the family, even the Housewives of Atlanta were there, Vin Diesel was rumored to have gained permanent PH-citizenship, so why aren’t the numbers of tourist and investors higher?  Why don’t we see more American’s retiring early, living on the beaches, taking advantage of the low-cost high-quality education, as celebrities, or investing in the micro-businesses and products?

American Post-Recession Fear.  It’s sunk its teeth deep into our US psyche. 

Everyone who I’ve ever talked to, ever interviewed or featured in any of my magazines always has said one thing,  “I’m so glad I decided to come…invest here… live here.”  They took the leap and decided to listen to the reports and take advantage of a market wave which they helped to create in the first place.  Its largely US call centers and customer service centers which outsourced millions of jobs.  Remember, SPRINT and AT&T laid-off nearly 100,000 employees practically overnight.  Plus, thousands of US brands such as Kenny Rogers Roasters, FUBU, Western Union, Vans, Mc Donalds, Taco Bell, Krispy Kreme Donuts and Trump Towers are making huge high-class comebacks in the Philippines and Asia at-large.

It’s the [Philippines Islands] the new Manhattan, like Silicon Valley all over again, Bali, maybe the California Gold Rush, so why aren’t more Americans escaping the ‘rat race’ and stacking their claims?

Living a truly, happy and prosperous life will take some serious time and effort to develop, but it is achievable for anyone.  And for many of us Americans, we are in recovery from a huge recession, and a transfer of wealth that changed everything.


Outsourcing and the internet enlightened millions of Americans, who have now realized the shift and how it opened up global opportunities for lifestyle and investing.  Just going to Hollywood, Detroit, New York City of Vegas is no longer enough -nor is it the only option.

Now, with technology and the power of the dollar, the whole world is open for exploration.  Whether we had been looking for a ‘simple life’ beachside or an ‘investment BOOM’ to ride-out, the Philippines is toping the entire list.

Retired? OK, the USD goes 5-times further than in the United States.  And, a roundtrip plane ticket cost less than many of us paid in rent every month.

Recession Left You Cash Poor…Unable To Invest?  OK, the USD conversion rate allows you to invest more, for less cash.  And, the ‘50-times earnings’ is in your favor.

Black, or other minority American? Great, the Philippines has for the past 5 consecutive years been recognized at a “Best Place for black Americans to live and do business” according to minority expats surveyed by the publishers of The Philippines Magazine International in the Minority Success Report: Philippines Special Edition. In the feature report, they talked to more than 100 black American and other minorities living or doing business in the Philippines: US Ambassadors, diplomats, celebrities, entrepreneurs, retirees, recording artists and tourists.  Their perspective and optimistic view of the country will surprise you.


Just as if the ‘opportunities’ were just-over-there-in Manhattan, and you knew that if you got there, you could achieve your goals, or make the profits you seek, find the job or even meet your soulmate, and the worse-case-scenario was you went back home.  Today, with international flights every hour, the power of the internet and the world’s #1 English –speaking market, the Philippines is a lot closer than you think.

PLANNING:  Do your research and plan your journey.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a splendid weekend-get-a-way, a venture scouting tour, or a year long hiatus you need, do your research, and connect with a great travel or deal broker who can answer all of your questions and get you on the right track.  Pay the extra few hundred dollars to get a good agent.  At least the first time, it will allow you to smell the roses, and experience true-lifestyle, rather than worrying about where you’re going to live, eat, travel and invest in.

VISION:  For many, the life you want to live is hard to envision.  How could you retire younger, invest heavier, give-back more or learn to relax and enjoy life?  What would you do, if you could do anything –or nothing at all.  Would you be happy…without a braggadocios career, the hustle ‘n’ bustle, without your title(s), stress or material entrapments?  After all, that is what retirement and vacations are all about.

PERSONAL MISSION:  So then, what would you do with the free-time, disposable income and/or resources? Would you open a surf shop on the beach? Buy a condo?  Feed the poor? Or, write a book?  At that moment, you learn your personal Mission in life.  That passion which you would pursue if you didn’t have –or need- that 70-hour a week job or dead-end business.  If you could wake up tomorrow debt-free and without material things to anchor you down…what would make you happy?  Who would make you happy?

COMMITMENT:  Now you’ve got to commit to yourself.  Everything in between are just means-to-an-end on the journey to achieve your Personal Mission.  It doesn’t matter if you are 18 or 58-years old.  It’s time to commit now.  Opportunities, even life-changing ones do not last forever.  Millions of us missed the last BOOM, referring to America in the 80’s and early 90’s.  Don’t miss it again.

Fact is, the FEAR FACTOR is what makes a BOOM Market in the first place.  There are nor so many ‘big fish’ or ‘sharks’ in the water yet, so that’s the upside.  I can remember when San Diego, Manhattan and Miami were ‘affordable’ places to live and do business.  Remember when IT jobs were paying $150,000 a year to 20-year olds?  Or, when you could retire in Florida or Palm Springs and live like a King?  Not anymore, now it is hard to working people to live in those areas.

However, “Location is everything” right?  And, the world of opportunities and leisure didn’t disappear, it just changed location –again.  For the price of a trip to Disney Land, you can buy an international airline ticket, retire beside the beach for around $1,000 a month, you can make an equity micro-investment for less than $10,000 and you can own a Trump Tower investment property for less than $40,000.

It’s just time to broaden your scopes and abolish your fears and limited thinking.

As The 2015 Philippines Tourism Season approaches, millions of you will travel, invest and start a new phase of their lives in the country.  Perhaps it’s time you look at the Philippines as well.  Of course, it’s not easy, and there are risks.  But, the potential freedom and rewards are worth the risk and investment.

You’re gonna love the Philippines!

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