MAGZTER The World’s #1 On-Line Digital Newsstand Offers Philippines INK Magazine APP To American (and Global) Fans.

MAGZTER The World’s #1 On-Line Digital Newsstand Offers Philippines INK Magazine APP To American (and Global) Fans.

Today, The American Press reports that the New York City, USA based Netflix-style on-line Mega newsstand arranged a deal with US Publisher Kareem Antonio & Company US LLC and will be offering their Philippines lifestyle and investment focused publications for just around $2.99 to their fans.


The hard copies and on-line viewing on their website ( are still complimentary; and print-editions are rapidly out-of-stock in many parts of Asia and the US. The publications, which showcase Philippines businesses, investments and lifestyle, will now be available to MAGZTER fans as well ( The new PH INK APP will be available at 5PM EST, 07 April 2015. Now, fans from all over the world can view the Special Lifestyle Editions without worry of them being out-of-stock.


The two US groups began talking in 2014 after the publishers dumped the exclusive A-list angle and debuted their Welcome Edition of The Philippines Magazine International, which showcased its new real-Philippine lifestyle, Masa-centric (or mainstream B-market) editorial concept in Makati City, Philippines.  The interests was spurred by the growing number of Westerners looking for more than tourism and a top 1% high-end temporary-lifestyle; the new Philippine post-US recession Expats have learned a hard lesson and are interested in simplifying life, making micro-investments and retiring or semi-retiring younger -decades younger.


The Philippines Magazine Series offers just that.  The publishers and editors go into real Philippine life situations, with real people, true-life undercover stories, such as ‘PH Life Under $500’ a month, they rate real-common investments and opportunities which the mass majority of Westerners can aim for.  From the Philippines Top US Brands, The Power of 50-Times Earnings, to the PH Tattoo Tourism Industry and Philippine Lifestyle Success -Outside Of Metro Manila.


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