The American Press | The Achieve Success American Seminar Series is coming back to the Philippines for a Limited Time (August 2015 Only)

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The American Press |  The Achieve Success American Seminar Series is coming back to the Philippines for a Limited Time (August 2015 Only)

The Philippines is one of the world’s fastest-growing economies, host more American expat-residents then any other country in the world and is the world’s 3rd largest English-speaking nations –and rising.

Today, with the somewhat recent boom in the outsourcing, micro-investor and tourism industries, there has been a spike in capital gains, as well as professional employment opportunities.  Millions of Philippines-based students, employees, professionals, entrepreneurs and politicians are looking to import foreign insights, success-styles and strategies into their lives, companies, local governments and organizations.

In order to maintain their edge, the Philippines must adapt and expand into international-markets and expat-consumer-markets the like.  The fastest way to change your life for the better in the Philippines, and to be gainfully employed, is to have a pleasant command of English and a competitive knowledge of Western business tactics and service.  Then you must, jump into the international and expat business and lifestyle industries.  From call centers, Information Technology, global media, education, fast-food, retail, hospitality, food & beverage and even domestic staffing are all emerging-fields, of more than 10 million new jobs and careers created in the Philippines in the past decade alone.

The Achieve Success Seminar Series, applies an American-twist to some of the most-popular and competitive seminar courses available.    The Hosts Trio, Kareem Antonio-Jackson, AK Ikwuakor and Joel Tiongson bring a three-pronged approach to success.  Collectively, they posses over 75-years of self-made, international success.

Kareem, is a serial-entrepreneur, multi-award winning writer and publisher, with s Resolution from the United States for his contributions to Minority America and the US Executive Publisher of The Philippines Magazine International.

AK, is an entrepreneur, public speaker, international fitness coach, Olympic hopeful, record holder and the Founder of the Empower 2 Play Organization.

Joel, is a scholar and self-made IT Guru, who honed his talents in Qatar, then with Delbros Logistic of The Philippines , Distributor of Unilever, and as -the youngest ever- IT / MIS Manager to the CEO at one of the Philippines Iconic companies; Destileria Limtuaco & Co., Inc., The Philippines Magazines 40 Under 40 2015 Award Winner and CIO of The Tiongson Group.

The Trio has a down-to-earth way of delivering their messages, in an inspiring way to their international audiences.  All being self-made success stories, from different backgrounds, gives inherent texture and value to the audience.  The groups are encouraged to interact, participate and ask questions in most settings.  This years tour is based on succeeding in the current and new international marketplace in the Philippines.

Beginning with proven strategies on “Building An International Resume” and “Getting hired right out of college” to, “Competitive Advantages” as well as, “Obtaining A Global-Edge” with a special section on “The Emerging IT Industry” and “Tips on starting a business” with little to no-capital.

Locations and costs of attendance may vary, both guests and organizations looking to book The Achieve Success Seminar Series TRIO are urged to contact: or +63.917.794.0213.

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