Many would love to have people continue to believe that ‘The American Recession’ was real. Facts show that it wasn’t a recession at all, it just mattered who you asked. While millions, and millions of people did loose their jobs, their homes and were forced on unemployment and welfare assistance, ‘the rich’ in America got even richer.

For every American job ‘lost’ there were up to 10 jobs created abroad. If, you’re still unemployed in America, perhaps you should start applying to American companies abroad -the Philippines has had over 10 million new jobs created in the past decade. They’ve surpassed India in BPO; and the world in terms of English-speaking people (outside of the West of course).

If you thought those AT&T, SPRINT and Shopping Mall Retail jobs were gone, you were right. Outsourced.

Companies like Mc Donald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola, Colgate Palmolive, Cargill, American Power Conversion, Shell, Chevron, Philip Morris, Nestle, Western Union, Krispy Kreme Donuts, FUBU International, Levi’s, VANS and Citi Bank have found gold in the East.

The Philippines is America’s little secret. There, $1 can equal as much as P50. As the countries largest investor, American investors have found new opportunities, new consumers, a dedicated workforce and an emerging consumer market for everything which was thought lost, obsolete or even defunct in the US. From POS Systems, to Answering Services, Fashion and Fast Food Restaurants.

American-quality products and services are still top-tier abroad and most industries use the US pricing as a peg. Though Chinese-made products tend to saturate the market place, especially in America, due to their cheap-prices, savvy and gainfully-employed consumers are willing to pay up to 4-times more for American, original or ‘branded’ products when sold ‘outside’ the United States.
Simply said, a $1 Mc Donald’s burger will cost you around $2 in the Philippines -and no free-drink re-fills, a $30 pair of VANS tennis shoes in California, cost $100 in Manila, the 99 Cents or Dollar Store is the $2 Store, a $15,000 Ford SUV will cost around P1 Million ones its hits the showroom in Makati.

Real Estate is also booming. As states such as California have put caps on new-construction, Moguls such as Donald Trump and Paris Hilton, have sold out twin tower developments -before they finished construction. Zuckerberg, has made an alliance with Philippines data providers and offer free-Facebook to everyone. A blackberry can cost over $1,000, A Dell Laptop can break you for more than $2,000, and the list goes on and on.

As the American public at-large catches on; Europe, Australia, China, Japan, India and Korean have all been in the Philippines longer than they have, more people, both working-class and investors are searching for ways to tap into the Philippines -or American growth in the Philippines.

Earlier American propaganda criticized ‘outsourcing’ and ‘down-sizing’ for small and mid-sized business; who are the largest employers of American workers -not the big corporations. While those same big corporations received tax breaks for outsourcing.

However, now, the small business owner, professional and even sole proprietors in America can outsource and even gain foreign clients. Another opportunity is for retirees who are looking to maximize their lifestyle on a fixed-income. As well as, those who do not earn enough retirement income to live in the US without being considered poor. Living either full-time or part-time in the Philippines is a smart move. Currently, there are over 500,000 Americans living -many as millionaires- in the Philippines right now, carving their own market niche.

New Philippines Lifestyle Experts such as American publisher, serial entrepreneur and show host Kareem Jackson, are blazing a trail for new settlers, investors and those looking to grow in the country. Specializing in the new flurry of private, small to mid-level investors and those seeking a lifestyle change. KA&CO ( his US marketing, international business development and publishing consulting conglomerate helps Americans and other foreigners achieve their dreams of ‘The Simple Life’ abroad. From simple dating advice, to real estate purchase for first-timers, small business development, events, product launches and networking he is able to save his clients time, money and the frustration a new life can bring.

As well as helping local PH-entrepreneurs, businesses and product producers import Western-style service and to market to the American and global markets. The Philippines economy is expected to double-again- over the next decade. Foreign investors are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunities which are emerging everyday. 2016 is Visit The Philippines Year, the PH Government, Department of Tourism and lifestyle experts such as Jackson have issued open invitations and special travel promotions.

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