The Controversial and Un-Apologetic Carlos Celdran Speaks To Balikbayans, Expats and FilAms On Philippines Lifestyle & Politics.

The Controversial and Un-Apologetic Carlos Celdran Speaks To Balikbayans, Expats and FilAms On Philippines Lifestyle & Politics.

The outspoken, yet insightful and popular Philippines tour guides passion for his country has attracted thousands of tourist to the country and to his the theatrical walking tour shows. Carlos Celdran has hosted foreign diplomats, celebrities, media and locals alike. However, the MEGA patron, has gotten massive backlash, harassment and death threats for exercising his freedom of speech in regards to the 2016 Philippines Election.

Celdran, was featured in the premier issue of The US Published, Philippines Magazine International, a complimentary lifestyle and investments coffee table book-style magazine, with limited special editions ranging from Food, to Tattoo and Outsourcing, distributed internationally for free, in-print, on-line and digitally via America’s #1 on-line newsstand, promoting an optimist view of the country. Then, a tour guide contributor ,showcasing his favorite people, places and things in the Philippines.

At that time, Celdran was involved in a freedom of choice, safe sex and anti-pregnancy bill issue in the Philippines, then subsequently snowballing into a highly-publicized issue, with a dramatic protest he demonstrated at a Catholic Church -during service. He is back on the hot seat, as he has specifically criticized followers of, gun-totting, death-penalty supporter, and self-proclaimed ladies’ man, Davao City Mayor and 2016 Philippines Presidential Candidate Duerte calling them delusional and lazy -amongst other things.

Oddly, Celdran’s voice is heard louder in the US where over 4 million Filipinos live and work; around 1 million can vote in the Philippines. As part of the 2016 kick-off, Celdran, will be on a guest on Kareem Jackson LIVE! ON THE SET: a PH new, first of its kind radio show which caters to Americans -and other foreigners- living in the Philippines, hosted by Kareem Jackson, the US Executive Publisher of The Philippines Magazine International Series, a US Resolution Recipient for his contributions to Minority American, when he launched his Minority Success Magazine and The Power of Capitalism Radio Show in the United States. Jackson, was part of a US media group invited by President NoyNoy Aquino, during his post-election speech in New York City.

Celdran will give insights and commentary leading-up to the 2016 Elections in the PH; Kareem will handle US election commentary, as well as other hot topics, expat-centric PH news and entertainment. Carlos is a added personality, who will tap into the growing interests of Balikbayan and FilAm fans of Kareem, his magazines, shows and video blogs. Philippines politicians and their supporters have already begun to attempt to block Celdran from sitting down with the publisher and show host.

Kareem Jackson, is the Philippines first, ever American true-Philippines promotional lifestyle magazine publisher and host. “As a black American, I know how it feels to be shut-out and need to fight for your human rights. I’d like to hear what Carlos Celdran has to say…and, I am sure our fans -especially those voting Filipinos in the US and other countries- would love the insights. Ultimately, we are all stakeholders in this election. Plus, Carlos is always entertaining.” says the US Executive Publisher during an interview with The American Press Service (TAPS).

The Philippines current economy is booming. Unlike in the United States Elections, where the next American President has to fix-things, the Philippines next Commander-in-Chief is walking into a robust economy and needs to maintain momentum. As the Philippines largest foreign investor, home to the world’s largest US Embassy and with the new iron-clad Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP); the trade agreement between US and Southeast Asian nations, and others, excluding China, lowering barriers/tariffs to goods and services going back and forth. (US Attorney David Youngblood will be talking from Washington DC, USA on that topic.)

US President Obama has made it clear to the world that the two countries are united. The US has made it obvious to China that the US does not recognize the Philippine Sea as the South China Sea or those made up islands China has constructed, claiming they’re Chinese lands from long ago.

Therefore, the conversations with Jackson and Celdran, way heavy on the minds of some 1 million foreign investors and retirees, and 500,000 American residents; who are standing by awaiting the election outcomes -of both countries. The wrong choice by the Philippines people could send a ripple effect and devastate the emerging economy. An economy which has surpassed India, UAE and China in terms of current and projected growth. A wrong choice by American voters, could send the States back into the recession they have just recently come out of and ruin international ties created by Obama.


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