The Last “GREAT WHITE HOPE” for AMERICA [Revised] The Negro Opinion and OP-ED by T.AP.S.

American Press Service -The Last “GREAT WHITE HOPE” for AMERICA [Revised]
The Negro Opinion and OP-ED by T.AP.S.


The Last


For AMERICA [Revised]

“It’s a fact: The millions of US President Donald J. Trump supporters; though highly-criticized, are 100% correct and righteous in their rhetoric and perspectives.”   –Anonymous Black American Republican

Beginning with the American Civil War; then, subsequent freedom of the 4 million American Negro slaves and abolishment of US human trafficking slave labor in 1863, the ‘average white man’ and his family has slowly become increasingly poorer.

Then, desegregation (the US government imposed laws ending racism by public and governmental businesses and institutions, such as politics, voting, public transportation, public swimming pools and restrooms), which lead to affirmative action, now the looming impact of slavery reparations, as well as, the imprisonment and large cash settlements of white police and white supremacists groups who harass and murder Negros, the Negros in America have changed the game.

With increasing inflation, taxes and US cost of living, the American lower and middle working-class has expanded into what use-to be the upper-middle class and small business entrepreneurs.

However, Negros in the United States are rarely –negatively- affected by any of these statistics.  A ‘recession’ does not affect an American Negro as much as it does a white male –if the Negro even feels the affects at all.  Negros in America were ‘bread’ to be stronger, faster, repel sickness and work well within any environment.

In addition, Negros were domesticated and conditioned: (read the Willy Lynch ‘Let’s Make A Slave’ Slave Owners Handbook and ‘The Nigger Owners Manual’ by Tightrope), to work hard for no pay and under harsh mental and physical conditions -much like the Jews in old Egypt who were freed from the Pharaoh by Moses, according to the bible.

Negros in America however, proved to be amazingly strong and outlived even the original American Indians.  Negros, were not allowed to read, to be educated, own homes, nor to vote, acquire loans, invest or play in sports leagues until fairly recently.  Therefore, the rules of ‘American economy’ never actually have applied to them –at least not directly.  That is the mistake white America made and is fiercely attempting to rectify now.

Negros have now pushed-out millions of white men and infiltrated every industry in the United States and they have brought along with them every other minority formerly also locked out; such as women, Asians, gays, Latinos, the disabled and others.

Simultaneously, Negros are not only paid for their labor, time, inventions and investments now, but they have scaled the values of their –once free- labor and beneficiary more than 100-times higher than what the value was when they were slaves.

A simple, common Negro slave driver, owned by the average white professional, farmer, politician, professor, small business owner, or entrepreneur as a family or individual around  the time of the Civil War, cost on average, a one time purchase payment of around $250, representing as much $20,000 USD today.

Also at that time; unless owned by wealthy individuals or families, (many of which were Republicans, such as US President Lincoln), sometimes Negro salves were kept with the animals, in slummish or shanty-style lodging conditions, or cages, separate outhouse-style toilets and forced to live in the shed or barn and fed low-grade or left-over food from the family.  Such as, the left-over feet of the pig, or ears, cornbread crumbs, pig intestines, BBQ chicken, fried chicken (fried chicken was originally, commonly done to make expired chicken edible) and so on.   Now, traditional Negro American cuisine (soul food) is a multi-billion dollar industry. 

In 1950, The first Negro to play basketball in the (11-team and struggling) National Basketball Association (NBA) was 21-year old Earl Lloyd, playing in the Season Opener for the Washington Capitals.  As the first, Lloyd was not received well by everyone; and all Negros often feared for their lives, police were often not on their side and lynching in many states where they may play was still common practice.

During the NBA Season Opener, the announcer read the Capitols’ lineup, a white man in the VIP Section, front row asked: “Do you think this nigger can play any basketball?” Lloyd’s mother, who was sitting just behind the man, leaned forward and told him “Don’t worry, sir, ‘The nigger’ can play.”  Lloyd was inducted into the NBA Hall Of Fame in 2003.

At that time The Globetrotters (owned by Abe Saperstein) were the most popular basketball team, with their jaw-dropping skills, tricks and all-American shinny uniforms, they were seen as entertainment and not allowed to actually compete.  However, they beat the (then Minneapolis) Lakers twice in a row which gained them acclaim.

From that initial access into the NBA, they seemed to dominate and scale the earnings rapidly as the popularity of Negro players –and the few whites who could compete with them- soared.

Wilt Chamberlain, was believed to be a top earning Negro at the time, earning $50,000 USD per year with the Globetrotters; Lloyd was believed to make just $10,000 USD in 1950 and needed a second job to pay his bills.  But, at 22-years old, Lloyd did earn more than many southern whites at that time –the decline in white economics began.

And, those earnings do not compare to the, $10 million USD earned by Magic Johnson in the 94-95 season (beating white player Larry Bird who earned $7 million USD).  Then, Patrick Ewing earning $18 million USD in 95-96 season, Michael Jordan $33 million USD 97-98 season, 33 million by LeBron James, to the now 2017, $201 million USD 5-year contract of Stephen Curry and even some base salaries of Negro bench players today.

With the stolen -or electoral college- election of President Donald Trump, whites in America pulled-rank.  Though Trump lost by more than 3 million votes; to who would be, first female US President, Hillary Clinton, following the beloved, first Negro US President Obama, he was given the US Presidency, and quickly aligned himself with his white nationalists, Republican and ‘Trumpers’ who desire to take America back to a time when it was ‘great for them’.  A time when they did not need to compete multi-racially.

Though ‘The US Recession’ of the past 2 decades, had ended; in actuality, it had and continues to be the largest transfer of wealth –education and power- in modern world-history; and Americans stand utterly divided.

Fact: The millions of US President Donald J. Trump supporters; though highly-criticized, are 100% correct and righteous in their rhetoric and perspectives.

What mainstream US-Media misses in their perspectives, is that Trump is an ‘American Underdog’, a beacon of the what things were and he too, has lost much of his wealth to ‘Negros’ (and other minorities) who he, his father and grandfather before him each fought to keep out of their New York City buildings and neighborhood parks, until the US Government -which they now seek to reorganize- forced them to allow.

Trump was forced to file bankruptcy 7-times (or more) and to outsource his manufacturing to countries like China.  This Negro economic movement and minority financial uprising, forced him to seek financing from Russian banks and criminals, as he was rejected by the US market.  Unable to compete in the new American, politically-correct global markets, he was forced to hire illegal aliens to work on his properties and construction sites, create fraudulent schemes and money laundering to maintain his status.  Trump and many like him are righteously bitter.    They simply want the good-ole’ days back.

Negro Americans alone; not including more than 1,000 other minority groups, such as American Muslims, Mexicans, gays, Jews, women, Latinos, Asians, disabled or American Indians, represent trillions of dollars in annual gross earnings, taxes and overall buying power –which average and poor whites now do not.

In US Census Data, any and all ‘Negro and minority buying-power’ amounts to a Trump supporter, represents ‘loss revenues and incomes’ for their families.

For example:  In 1950, there were 11 NBA teams and around 3-5 Negro players and one (popular) Negro Basketball team.  Today, more than 80% of all of the 30 NBA teams, staff, coaches, trainers, concession stand workers and memorabilia sold are Negros and other minorities.  The NBA now surpasses the All-American baseball leagues and is a global phenomenon.  At around $3,000 USD for Lakers Season Tickets, many of the ‘average white’ fans and their families can no longer afford tickets to games and can only watch from home –which is also not cheap as many games are on paid cable networks.   A pair of basketball shoes now have a Negro name on them and can cost more than $500, compared to around $3 USD for Chuck Taylor high-tops in 1950 –or, around just $25 USD today.

In addition, millions of major US positions; i.e. The US Presidentcy, US Secretary of State, Music, production, nearly all US sports (both players and fans), were all formerly ‘whites-only’ and even Negro super heroes like Black Panther are top earners in the box office, beating Captain America, Superman and Spiderman.

New ‘Negro and minority-centric’ jobs are flooding the US market and leaving millions of the American working-class behind: in skills and adaptability –such as Trump and his supporters.

Trump has risen to power on his ‘Make America Great Again.’ slogan and is seen by his supporters as “The Last Great White Hope.” 

While most-American’s ignorantly ultra-focus internally, and not globally, they fall for the same uprising which has affected them for centuries.  The one downside of American is racism.  However, as shown by the President of Russia, with his affection for Trump, this 2020 US Presidential election may be the last election for a dying Global Era, and impeachment of Trump may spark a second US Civil War.

“The Last Great White Hope” represents a take-over of the last global office which white males have controlled.  The last pride of W.A.S.P. males in the United States.  As ‘racist’ or ‘white supremacists’ seemingly come out in the open in support of Donald Trump, the world stands in awe as they witness what seems to be –hopefully- the final racist stand in America which is now 90% minority.

Fact:  Negros, now free, are doing better now, than ever before in American history, though like the early days of emancipation, many have yet to realize it.  Bringing with them, Negros in American paved the road to American global success with their blood and dead bodies, for every other minority and immigrant there now.  The world sees the powerful Negro protests, but fail to realize, without Negros’ insistence on equality, no minority would have advanced –even women’s rights followed free Negros in American.  A Negro American girl, Meghan Markle, is a princess in England and one of the world’s largest major movie studios, is owned by Tyler Perry, an American Negro as well.

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