The Philippines raises the bar on their standard college-level education by hosting first series of American developed and hosted Philippines Success Certification Seminars. KA&CO America LLC, released The Official Philippines Attendee Certification List | STI College, Balagtas, Bulacan, Philippines Islands | The American Press Service

Congratulations to the first Philippines student to be certified with Marketing Success 101 America.  The full lists, of Batch One and Batch Two is below.  
For verification and reference:  Attendees, employers, recruiters, STI Officials and local; provincial press are encouraged to follow the link; simply click the student/attendees name, the Official Marketing Success 101 Certificate will then be digitally available; for high-resolution printing and/or verification of student/attendees completion of the certification seminar.  For further verification, seminar bookings or if your name is missing you may contact the hosts at:
Attendees of this unique seminar, were given the basics of international marketing success, by an award-winning, American seminarian and educator.  They have shown initial qualities which will help them in the areas of marketing and banding -both for themselves and/or their employers.    

The Official Batch One & Batch Two Marketing Success 101 “What is marketing, really?” Certification Seminar List(s) and Certificates for download and verification hyper link:

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