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The Philippines to have first black American radio and TV Show Host.


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The Philippines to have first black American radio and TV Show Host.


 In 2016 the first black American will host Radio and TV Shows catered at garnering the more than 20 Million American PH-residents, tourists, investors, voting Balikbayans, OFW’s and FilAMs, as well as other foreign nationals who visit, live, and invest in the Philippines.

 Quezon City, Philippines | During a series of private conversations with multiple TV, both AM and FM radio, as well as, PH-based national publishing groups, the multi-award winning, US Government Resolution Recipient and US Executive Publisher of The Philippines Magazine International, Kareem Antonio-Jackson will be the newest face in PH Media.

The Philippines Magazine International

The Philippines Magazine International

Even more ground-breaking, but not surprising, is that Kareem Jackson, is a black American.  In his 2014/15 US Minority Success Report, the Philippines was ranked highest on the list for “Best Place for minority Americans to live and do business.”

The charming, charismatic and humorous, “tag-lish speaking” media entrepreneur has successfully promoted what he calls “…an optimistic and inspiring view of the new Philippines culture and lifestyle.”

For nearly 4-years, beginning after the 2012 Philippines Presidential Elections, following now PH President Elect NoyNoy Aquino’s controversial, but well-received speech in New York City in which he invited US media, reporters and publishers to see the ‘new Philippines’ and to tell the world about it.

Jackson was empowered by the passion in NoyNoy’s speech.  He took the PH President up on his invitation, developed his prototype and was soon met in the Aquino International airport by local celebrity hosts and representatives of The Philippines Department of Tourism (at that time under Secretary Lim).  His purpose was to introduce the first ever, Philippines International Magazine:  a complimentary, full-color glossy, coffee table book-style magazine, with subsequent websites, social media and Limited Special Editions showcasing Philippines true-lifestyle –for his American market.

Philippine Ink

The Philippines Magazine International

In support of “The 2016 Come Visit The Philippines” tourism campaign, Philippines and United States producers will debut its first-ever black American Host, American/Foreigner niched radio and TV show series, as well as, its first ever local barangay neighborhood magazine and show segment.

 “…I am very, very honored and proud to be able to promote tourism, opportunity, investments, lifestyle and commerce to such a wonderful country, people, their barangays and their welcoming neighborhoods…to their neighbors and to the world.” -stated KA&CO US Executive Publisher, Kareem Antonio-Jackson in an interview in Los Angeles, California last week (via Skype).

The idea is to engage targeted local and international consumers  on a barangay level: to promote Philippine tourism, as well as long-term PH-lifestyle, local PH brands and services, PH-domestic travel and tourism, PH-opportunities and give foreigner’s –for the first time- the ability to make Philippines-lifestyle choices on a barangay by barangay (or neighborhood by neighborhood) basis.

The radio and TV shows, magazines, websites and social media will showcase Philippines life, investments, opportunities, news and hot topics.  “Ask Kareem” is a special, live, light-humor, Q&A segment, in which Kareem Jackson will answer questions, give insights and advice to foreigners –and locals- along with his ‘panel of experts’ in the field..

Kareem Jackson LIVE! ON THE SET “The Show” is targeted at growing local, current foreign-resident awareness and patronage, while also attracting new tourists, residents, business investors, global consumers, and go further to use Kareem’s popularity to encourage his FilAM and Balikbayan fans to the visit the Philippines, retire and vote.

For the first time in recent PH history, US media, marketers, publishers and developers will endorse and aide the Philippines in directly promoting their barangays, neighborhoods, businesses, professionals and their political candidates to -not only- locals, but also, to Americans and voting-Balikbayans, OFW’s and FilAM’s across the world.

KA&CO, the publishing group who owns the PH MAG brand, is an independent marketing group which funds the magazine and its website(s) privately: largely by Friends of the Philippines; sponsors and advertisers which allows them to distribute the magazine(s) for free, as well as to remain unbiased when developing content such as their List, endorsements, investment insights and partners.  Inquiries:


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