Tyler Perry|Free American Negros Are Taking America Back!

Tyler Perry|Free American Negros Are Taking America Back!

Tyler Perry|Free American Negros Are Taking America Back!

“…Anything is possible [to American Negros].  Oh, the poetic justice…of these very –former confederate army base- grounds…now owned by me [a descendent of those Negro slaves].” -Tyler Perry [Video Below]

Though Africa has launched a massive multi-billion USD national homecoming tourism and resettlement campaign to attract the diaspora; (the decedents of the human trafficked African kings, queens, warriors, professionals and healthiest men, women and children), America became the beneficiary of one of the world’s largest new major movie studios in 2006, but the world celebrated its grand opening this past weekend.

Over 330-acres, more than 10,000 new jobs and global movie, play and film production.  The Tyler Perry Studios is a beacon for all free American Negros around the world, that the suffering days of yesterday and the struggles of the past are no longer relevant, and that anything is possible. [http://tylerperry.com/].

“…for hundreds of years, [former Negro actors and producers] they never were given their due.  [Tyler Perry Studios] Now bigger than Paramount, Warner bros. and Sony Studios combined.  Thank you Tyler for everything you have done.”  -Whoopi Goldberg

Tyler Perry held the grand opening gala of his iconic new major movie studio city in historic slave town Atlanta, Georgia, USA, representing a trillion USD star-studded, black American royalty guest list.  More than 1,000 guests, including black American royalty, their supporters, and global piers attended the event as a testament to the wealth and power of Black America.

“…I [free American Negro slave descendants] will do this my way.  I will create my own…I will do it, I won’t ask you for your money, I won’t ask you for your studios!  …cause I have my own.”  -Oprah Winfrey

“There was a time when black folks [Negro slaves in America] only wished for 40-acres and a mule.  Thank you Tyler Perry…” –Sheryl Lee Ralph

The 40-acres and a mule which was promised to the 4 million freed Negro slaves was never received –by them.  Ultimately, the slave owners and their families received the payouts; in the form of bailouts, cash and tax credits to this day.  So American Negros have righteously and ambitiously taken what they want; including but not limited to, their own US Presidency.

The American free Negro Tyler Perry, fought criticism and threats from the American white nationalists and white terrorist groups and awed the entire country by buying back a 330-acre former Confederate Army Base and strong hold.  Relishing in the ‘poetic justice’ of the accomplishment; it is a major part of the former Fort McPherson Army Base dating back to 1867.  Named after Major General, James Birdseye McPherson who was killed on July, 22, 1864, at The Battle of Atlanta, during The Civil War to end slavery in America.

“I have faith to believe that you will see a day when the glorious old flag will wave more triumphantly than ever.  I hope…Jeff Davis and his fellow conspirators…in Washington, to be tried for treason or in the language of old Putnam, tried, condemned, and executed.” -Major General, James B. McPherson, in a letter to his mother

The grounds where the historical confederate army plotted, trained, deployed, imprisoned and allegedly killed Negro slaves fighting for their freedom during the American Civil War.

Former President Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary Clinton (America’s first true-female President, winning by more than 3 million votes against US President-Elect Donald Trump).  They showed there support and undying commitment to the Negro [black] American community at-large.

“…black people build that studio.  Black people…black consumers built that studio.  He know controls his own destiny…and can help other achieve their dreams.  The power of black economics.  Fully respect the black [Negro] dollar.  HBCU’s were started by free Negro slaves also…Black Panther made [approx.. $20 per ticket sold] 248 million USD in its first weekend. Black [Negro] folks, we need to stop…stop playing the game of ‘white validation’.  Black excellence.”  -Roland Martin

Since being freed from slavery by US President Abraham Lincoln, January 1st, 1863, by The Emancipation Proclamation; now free-American Negros, they have been jailed, imprisoned and assassinated regularly by white supremacist and police, denied rights and discriminated against.  Yet, they have infiltrated, dominated and taken over in every major industry; from sports, music, sales, literature and writing, to television and now movie studios.

Descendant of former American Negro slaves, once homeless, a shoe shine boy, and a janitor -today Tyler Perry is worth more than $500 billion USD and growing.

Enjoy the links below to learn more about the way American Negros are taking American back.

BET:                https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uw-7fyJi4cA

Kayle King,



11Alive:          https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPgZSVPmlWM


E! News:         https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4PSL5hBDIA

Wikipedia:       https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tyler_Perry_Studios

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