Philando Castile Dead Live On Facebook.

United States Systematically Killing Blacks Sparks Foreign Tourism Efforts By Compassionate Governments Around The World.

Press Release Graphic Viral Cop Killing Video in MN, USA pic Philando Castile dead body pic 1“We are saddened and shocked by this most recent –of thousands of- murders of black Americans in the United States of America by police and racist groups.  Donald Trump is just adding fuel to the fire.  It seems that the ‘Lynching’[hanging from a tree by a rope] has turned to the ‘police shooting’.  Mr. Castile was with his family when this assassination occurred.  The police office is on paid leave right now.  Sad.I would like to personally invite you to the Philippines Islands for a racism-free get-a-way…voted Minority Success America best place for black Americans to travel to, live and invest in for the Past 5-years!” –Kareem Jackson, Philippines American International Lifestyle Ambassador and US Exec. Publisher of The Philippines Magazine International (

Envied for their collective and massive national and global success since being freed from slavery, blacks in America have had to overcome huge strife.  As more, and more, and more blacks and minority American’s, Muslims, Latinos and women begin to; once again, grow increasingly disgusted with their treatment; including wrongful deaths, redlining, Trump rhetoric and racism in the United States, countries such as Mexico, Canada, Australia and The Philippines Islands are growing increasingly more aggressive with their ‘black and minority-centric’ tourism, investment and residency campaigns.

Press Release Graphic Viral Cop Killing Video in MN, USA pic Philando Castile 4 Press Release Graphic Viral Cop Killing Video in MN, USA pic Lavish Diamond Reynolds daughter pic 1 Press Release Graphic Viral Cop Killing Video in MN, USA pic Lavish Diamond Reynolds with daughter pic 2
Now educated, richer and more sophisticated, the $3 Trillion Mega Minority America Market is looking to other shores; which will cripple the US economy –again.

Just yesterday, a Minnesota, USA black man; Philando Castile, age 32( murdered LIVE on Facebook, while inside of his car, shot 4-times, his seat belt was on, with his girlfriend; Lavish “Diamond” Reynolds(, and young female child also in the car, during a routine ‘racial profiling’ DWB a.k.a. ‘driving while black’stop for a broken tail light.  [see the video here]

Mr. Castile, a family man, was pronounced dead at Hennepin County Medical Center at 9:37 p.m.   Buy 3a.m. Crowds of protesters chanted outside MN Governor Mark Dayton’s residence in Saint Paul demanding for him to ‘wake up’ and speak to them.
The American Press Service, reports Mr. Castile went to Minnesota University and had worked at Target, as well as, J.J. Hill Montessori School in St. Paul as a cafeteria supervisor.

Castile was also a possible target for MN police as he was a black rights supporter, and promoted historical ‘Black Wall Street’ support on his Facebook page, as well as, The Black Panther Party.  Which leads skeptics of the US police force to believe, this was not a random ‘pull-over’ but; yet another, set-up by law enforcement that harass blacks in America.

For white Americans, a ‘broken taillight’ is simple a warning and a ‘fix-it’ ticket and is no cause to approach the vehicle with guns drawn.   In the past, US police would break tail lights of blacks, simple to have an excuse for harassment and subsequent arrest; especially for successful blacks, such as those who were part of Black Wall Street.

In an effort to insure Ms. Reynolds safety as she has filmed, leaked and live streamed the footage across the world friends, family and concerned citizens all over the world are urged to call:  651-266-9350

The officer involved has been placed on paid leave.


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